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Why Train with Us

Pinner High School's Commitment to Excellence in Teacher Training

Welcome to Pinner High School, where passion meets purpose, and education transforms lives. If you're considering a rewarding career in teaching, look no further—Pinner High School is the ideal place for your professional growth and development.

We have a proud tradition of ‘growing our own’ which includes training Assessment Only routes to QTS, School Direct ( in partnership with Teach West London) and PGCE trainees with the goal of appointing them to permanent positions.

Here's why you should choose to train as a teacher with us:


1. Inspired Learning Environment:

At Pinner High School, we believe in creating an inspiring and dynamic learning environment for both students and teachers. Our state-of-the-art facilities, modern classrooms, and innovative teaching methods ensure that every day is an opportunity for growth and discovery. As a trainee teacher, you'll have access to resources that promote creativity, critical thinking, and interactive learning experiences.

2. Dedicated Mentorship:

We understand that the journey to becoming a proficient teacher requires guidance and support. At Pinner High School, our dedicated staff are committed to providing personalised support throughout your training. As a trainee, or ECT, you will have your own mentor with a dedicated protected slot to meet weekly. Our mentors are trained to help you navigate the challenges of the profession while honing your teaching skills and confidence.

3. Collaborative Community:

Joining Pinner High School means becoming a part of a collaborative and supportive community. Our school culture encourages teamwork, idea-sharing, and continuous improvement. You will join weekly staff or department meetings to share your thoughts and have opportunities to join many collaborative working parties.  As a trainee teacher, you'll work closely with experienced educators and engage in collaborative projects that will enrich your teaching practice and contribute to the success of our students.

4. Focus on Well-being:

We understand that teaching can be demanding, which is why we prioritise the well-being of our staff. Pinner High School provides a supportive and inclusive environment, promoting a healthy work-life balance. From well-being workshops, phantom friend to well-being week, we are committed to ensuring that our teachers thrive both personally and professionally.

5. Career Progression Opportunities:

Pinner High School is dedicated to nurturing talent. As a trainee teacher, you'll have access to ongoing professional development opportunities, opening doors to career progression within our school community. We believe in investing in our teachers' growth, allowing you to reach your full potential as an educator. We are part of the HCA where all teachers are encouraged to join courses.  


Partner school websites

We’re working with Teach West London (local Teaching School Hub) to recruit, train and support new trainee teachers for the West London region. We look forward to welcoming new talented and committed trainee teachers to Pinner High to begin their training and join our school community from September 2024. For more information about training to teach in West London, visit the Teach West London Initial Teacher Training page.


Want to find out more?

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