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At Pinner High School, uniform is worn to promote a formal, professional impression, and to encourage students to take pride in their appearance and the way this represents our community. Full uniform must be worn at all times, including on the way to and from school.

Our uniform requirements have been reviewed and amended in accordance with relevant statutory guidance  which requires schools to have regard to the following: 

Parents should not have to think about the cost of a school uniform when choosing which school(s) to apply for. Therefore, schools need to ensure that their uniform is affordable.

In considering cost, schools will need to think about the total cost of school uniforms, taking into account all items of uniform or clothing parents will need to provide while their child is at the school.

Schools should keep the use of branded items to a minimum.

A school’s uniform policy should be published on the school’s website, be available for all parents, including parents of prospective pupils, and be easily understood.

Schools should ensure that their uniform supplier arrangements give the highest priority to cost and value for money (including the quality and durability of the garment).

Single supplier contracts should be avoided unless regular tendering competitions are run where more than one supplier can compete for the contract and where the best value for money is secured. This contract should be retendered at least every 5 years.

Schools should ensure that second-hand uniforms are available for parents to acquire. Information on second-hand uniforms should be clear for parents of current and prospective pupils and published on the school’s website.

Schools should engage with parents and pupils when they are developing their school uniform policy.

All items marked with an asterisk (*) are branded with PHS logo or school colours, but only items marked with **  are compulsory uniform; items marked with a single * are optional.

Items marked with asterisks can be bought through either of two local suppliers: Angels, 317 Rayners Lane, Middlesex HA5 5EH and Kevin’s Schoolwear, 104 Marsh Road, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5NA.  These suppliers are appointed on the basis that they give high priority to the cost and value for money, including the quality and durability, of the garments. 

Pre-loved uniform is available for purchase at very low prices from school. Enquiries should be made to or can be made in person at Reception. Financial assistance with the costs of purchasing uniform is also available on the basis of certain criteria. Enquiries about such assistance should also be addressed to, to the Family Liaison and Attendance Officer, or a student’s Form Tutor or Head of Year and will be treated confidentially. 

Year 7 -11 Uniform (See Sixth Form section for our Sixth Form dress code)

  • PHS blazer**

  • Plain white revere collar blouse or PHS tie** and plain white buttoned up square collared shirt

  • Plain black trousers or skirt (Trousers: single pleat or flat front; skinny fit/fashion trousers are not permitted; trousers must not be stretch, denim, cord, cotton chino-style or combat trousers. Skirt: to be purchased from either of our local suppliers, must sit on or below the knee; black, fully pleated**)

  • Plain black shoes (no plimsolls, canvas, trainers, boots or steel toe caps; trainers or look-alike trainers are not permitted; no coloured laces)

  • Plain black socks or plain black/natural tights

  • PHS jumper or cardigan*

  • PHS scarf* 

  • Grey, navy or black coat & hat*

PE Kit 

  • PHS short-sleeved polo shirt**

  • PHS long-sleeved reversible top* 

  • PHS shorts**

  • PHS sports socks** for winter outdoor sports; short white socks may be worn for indoor lessons and in the summer.

  • PHS sweatshirt* 

  • Black tracksuit trousers 

  • Sports footwear eg: football boots, outdoor trainers, indoor trainers (with non-marked soles) as appropriate.

  • Protective accessories eg: shin pads for contact sports, mouth guards for hockey and rugby, as appropriate.

Other requirements

  • No t-shirts/undershirts that can be seen under a shirt/blouse.

  • Headscarves/hairbands must be plain, dark colours.

  • No signs, slogans or brand names.

  • No denim/leather/leather-look jackets.

  • No caps, bandanas or other headwear which is not either part of uniform or worn for religious reasons.

  • No badges apart from school badges.

  • No hoodies.

  • No tattoos; tattoos are illegal for under 18s. 

  • No jewellery except a single pair of small stud ear-rings and a wristwatch.

  • Hair must be of a natural colour, be worn clear off the face and not cut or styled in an extreme way.

  • Make-up must be subtle; long, false eyelashes are not permitted.

  • Nails must be of a short, practical length and a natural colour; false and decorated nails are not permitted.

All matters of uniform, dress and appearance will be considered in a way that upholds the intention of uniform to promote a positive, formal, professional impression, and to encourage students to take pride in their appearance and the way this represents our community.