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Our Vision

Our vision is, quite simply, to be an excellent, inclusive school for the whole of the Pinner and Eastcote community.

This means that Pinner High School expects and achieves the highest standards of and for every student.

The ethos for Pinner High School will be a school that is characterised by:

  • expecting the highest standards from students and staff;
  • a calm, friendly, and disciplined environment with positive relationships;
  • a curriculum that excites and stretches all students;
  • knowing every student and supporting their personal development;
  • working in partnership with families and the wider community;
  • continual self-evaluation and improvement; and
  • preparing students to have the skills and knowledge required to progress successfully from school.

The ethos is based around the Pinner High School Values:

Myself My School My community
kindness, compassion, integrity, balance, respect, trust. creativity, enthusiasm, resilience, flexibility, dedication, perseverence. responsibility, collaboration, open-mindedness, confidence, adaptability, courage.