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New Spaces

Students have enjoyed exploring new parts of the school this week, as over a dozen student spaces were quickly regenerated into Pinner High School areas now that Avanti House are safely moved into their building.


The new library has proved a particular hit, with 30 brand new computers, work space for considerably more students than that, and the large number of books inherited from Heathfield School on their departure. I overheard a student declaring "I just love this library!" at the end of the week! Moving into the sports changing rooms has created more space for extra classrooms and a dedicated reflection/prayer room as well as additional office space for staff. More Science Labs are now operational, and the flow of students around the building is much smoother.


Whilst preparing all this meant a very busy holiday, 40 students were also busy over the break on our first trip to Spain. Students had a fantastic time enhancing their language skills and learning about local culture. This was our third international trip, in our fifth term of opening, and students are thriving on the opportunities provided to them.


This week students had the opportunity to help decide our priorities for the next phase of our refurbishment. Many chose the very necessary roof and heating works, alongside resurfacing the tennis courts. There were lots of requests for trampolines and 3D printers, both of which are on the list. Exciting times!