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Happy Easter

Our first second term ended today, with a celebratory assembly of all that the students have accomplished. This included a student rock band, drama sketch, certificates for the Headteacher's Challenge, Science Week prizes, awards for the Pinner High School Values, a section presented by House Leaders and a Bollywood dance. As a way of capturing the ethos of the school, that list is very representative!

Students have had a brilliant term; sports tournament winners, visitors to the Globe and the British Library, opportunities to try new things and practice skills in existing areas of interest. The environmental club have been recognised with an RHS Level 1 award. House Events continue to be keenly contested, with Bannister leading the way with one term to go before the House Cup is awarded for the first time.

Looking to the future, I am delighted to report that the recruitment of teachers for September 2017 has been completed in full ahead of schedule. I am very lucky to have had so many very strong applicants put themselves forward for posts. The quality of appointments reflects this. I will share details of the successful candidates shortly. Students excelled themselves with the calm way they responded to the challenges at Avanti House this week; I am very proud of them. They have a great deal to look forward to in our first summer term, and I look forward to bringing you news of that as it happens. Before that, a well earned rest for all the students: Happy Easter!