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A Year to Remember

Borneo World Challenge


Over the summer a group of students will embark on a thrilling adventure to Borneo with World Challenge, an organisation renowned for offering transformative expeditions for young individuals. Filled with curiosity, enthusiasm, and a spirit of adventure, these students are eagerly looking forward to an unforgettable summer experience.

The captivating island of Borneo, with its lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage, has been chosen as the destination for Pinner High School's World Challenge expedition. The students are excited about immersing themselves in this enchanting environment, where they will discover new perspectives and push their boundaries.

Central to the World Challenge ethos is the idea of giving back to local communities, and our students are wholeheartedly embracing this philosophy. During their time in Borneo they will actively participate in community service projects, collaborating closely with local organisations and communities to make a positive impact. Whether it's volunteering in conservation efforts or supporting educational initiatives, students will aim to leave a lasting impression on the lives of the people they encounter.

This expedition promises to be a life-changing experience, offering cherished memories and a broader perspective of the world. The students are excited to seize the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary adventure, knowing that the greatest experiences often lie beyond our comfort zones.

Matilda wows the local community

Our Drama and Music departments have successfully finished their 4-show run of the award winning, 'Matilda The Musical'.  Performances included students from Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 and was developed over the last 6 months as an additional extra-curricular activity, in line with our 'inspiring creativity' ethos. Students performed to sell-out audiences, including two matinee performances for local primary schools: Cannon Lane and Newton Farm. Thank you to everyone that was involved in the development process and final production.

Our students delivered a mesmerising performance of the beloved musical "Matilda." Bringing to life the iconic characters and enchanting storyline created by Ronald Dahl, these young performers showcased their immense talent and passion on stage, captivating the audience with their rendition of Matilda's extraordinary journey.

From the moment the curtains rose the audience was transported into the whimsical world of Matilda Wormwood. The talented young actors seamlessly portrayed the complex emotions and vivid personalities of the characters, breathing life into each scene. Their impeccable delivery of the script, combined with powerful vocals and remarkable choreography, brought enchanting magic to the stage.


Our Year 13 students celebrated the culmination of their academic journey with a memorable prom. Dressed in elegant attire the graduates came together for an evening of joy, reflection, and celebration. The prom provided an opportunity for them to reminisce about their years in school, acknowledge their accomplishments, and bid farewell to friends and teachers who have been a significant part of their lives. With music, dancing, and laughter, the Year 13 prom was a fitting tribute to the hard work and dedication of these young individuals as they prepare to embark on new adventures beyond school.

Year 11 students marked a significant milestone in their education with their own unforgettable prom. Donning stylish outfits, the students gathered to commemorate the completion of their GCSE examinations and the closing of their secondary school years. The prom was a momentous occasion filled with excitement and a touch of nostalgia as they celebrated the friendships forged and the lessons learned during their time at the school.

The proms for both Year 13 and Year 11 were not only celebrations of academic achievements but also opportunities for the students to come together, enjoy each other's company, and create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Year 8 PGL Adventure: Thrilling Outdoor Experience

As the academic year reached its end, the students of Year 8 at embarked on an exhilarating adventure at PGL (Programme for Group Leaders). This action-packed excursion provided them with an opportunity to engage in thrilling outdoor activities and foster important life skills.

Throughout their time at PGL, students had the chance to participate in a variety of adrenaline-pumping adventures. From high ropes courses to zip lines, they embraced new challenges and pushed their limits. These outdoor activities not only provided a sense of excitement and adventure but also fostered teamwork, resilience, and personal growth.

The PGL experience was a transformative one for the students, allowing them to develop essential life skills. They learned the importance of effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability while working together in teams. Overcoming obstacles and conquering fears, they discovered their own strengths and built confidence in themselves and their abilities.




Duke of Edinburgh Award


In a display of determination and teamwork, over 60 Year 9 students went on an inspiring journey as part of their training for the Bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. With sunny weather and positive attitudes they hiked a challenging 10-kilometre route from Ruislip Lido to Rickmansworth Aquadrome, an experience that tested their physical endurance and fostered essential life skills. 

An unforgettable weekend unfolded as 23 resilient Year 10 students embarked on their Silver Qualifier expedition in the Peak District. Despite encountering obstacles such as arriving at camp after dark on the first night and enduring heavy rain on the second night, these determined students showcased unwavering spirit and determination, completing their challenging 52-kilometre journey with enthusiasm and embodying the true essence of Pinner High School. 

A Year that Sent Students Beyond the Curriculum

The academic year was filled with an array of thrilling and educational school trips. From sporting events to cultural excursions, each trip provided students with unique experiences that enriched their learning and created lasting memories. Let's take a journey through the exciting adventures that students embarked on throughout the year.

Netball Trip: England vs. Uganda

The netball trip allowed students to witness an intense match between England and Uganda. The students cheered on their favourite players and experienced the thrill of a live sporting event, igniting their passion for netball.

Year 10 Geography Trip: Stratford

The Year 10 Geography trip to Stratford immersed students in a real-life case study. They explored the area, conducted fieldwork, and deepened their understanding of geographical concepts, connecting classroom learning to the world around them.

Barbican Music Trip

Students had the opportunity to visit the Barbican and immerse themselves in a world of music. They attended captivating performances and discovered a variety of musical genres, fostering a greater appreciation for the arts.

Year 11 Bowling Trip

Students enjoyed a fun-filled bowling trip, strengthening friendships and creating cherished memories. The excursion provided a well-deserved break and allowed students to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Year 8 Reward Trip - Puttstars Harrow

Students were rewarded for their hard work with a trip to Puttstars Harrow, where they enjoyed a day of mini-golf and friendly competition. The outing provided a well-deserved break and celebrated their accomplishments.

Pinner Cluster Carol Concert - St Albans Church

The concert brought together students from various schools to celebrate the holiday season through music. Students showcased their musical talents and spread joy to the community, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Year 13 Bletchley Park Trip

A fascinating trip to Bletchley Park allowed Year 13 students to explore the historical site associated with code-breaking during World War II. They delved into the secrets of cryptography and gained insight into significant historical events.

Year 12 & 13 Politics to Parliament

Students immersed themselves in the world of British politics with a trip to Parliament. They engaged in interactive sessions, observed debates, and deepened their understanding of democratic processes, fostering their interest in political affairs.

Year 13 Sociology Trip

Year 13 students embarked on a sociology trip that provided real-world applications of sociological theories. They visited relevant sites and engaged in discussions, enhancing their understanding of social structures and phenomena.

Year 13 CERN Trip

A highlight for Year 13 students was the trip to CERN, where they witnessed ground breaking scientific research in the field of particle physics. The experience expanded their scientific knowledge and ignited their curiosity for the mysteries of the universe.

Year 10 Chemistry Oxford Trip

Year 10 students explored the world of chemistry with a trip to Oxford University. They engaged in hands-on experiments, interacted with experts, and experienced the vibrant academic atmosphere of the prestigious institution.

Year 8 STEM Brunel University Trip

Students embarked on a STEM-focused trip to Brunel University where they participated in engaging workshops and activities. They discovered the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, inspiring their future academic pursuits.

Ski Trip France

Students hit the slopes in an exhilarating ski trip to France. They embraced the challenges of winter sports, built resilience, and created unforgettable memories in a picturesque mountain setting.

Year 12 Design and Technology British Museum Trip

Year 12 DT students visited the British Museum to explore the intersection of history and design. They examined artifacts and gained inspiration for their own creative projects.

Year 12 & 13 Sociology Trip

This trip deepened the students’ understanding of social issues. They visited relevant locations, engaged in thought-provoking discussions, and broadened their sociological perspectives.

Year 10 Maths Fest St Dominic’s

Students in Year 10 attended a stimulating Maths Fest at St Dominic’s. The event exposed them to exciting mathematical challenges, encouraging them to think critically and creatively.

Year 10 Physics Tournament

Year 10 students participated in a Physics Tournament putting their scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test. They collaborated in teams and engaged in friendly competition, fostering a love for physics.

Newsies Drama Theatre Trip

Students immersed themselves in the world of theatre with a trip to see the captivating production of 'Newsies.' The show ignited their passion for drama and showcased the power of storytelling through performance.

Year 12 Othello Cinema Trip

Year 12 students embarked on a cinematic journey with a screening of the classic play 'Othello.' The trip provided a different perspective on the theatrical experience and allowed students to analyse the adaptation.

Year 7 & 9 MEP Chinatown Trip

Students explored the vibrant streets of Chinatown, immersing themselves in Chinese culture. They discovered the rich history, cuisine, and traditions of this iconic London neighbourhood.

A-Level Physics in Action Trip

This trip provided students with an immersive experience in the world of physics. They attended virtual lectures and demonstrations, expanding their understanding of this fascinating field.

Year 12 Brands & Marketing Trip

Students delved into the world of brands and marketing with a trip that exposed them to real world applications. They explored marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, and the role of branding in business.

Year 7 Royal Albert Hall - Music & Science

Year 7 students had the privilege of visiting the iconic Royal Albert Hall for an immersive Music and Science experience. They discovered the connections between music and scientific principles, broadening their understanding of both disciplines.

SEN Trip London Transport Museum

A trip to the London Transport Museum catered specifically to students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). They enjoyed interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and a sensory-friendly environment, creating a memorable experience.

Year 9 & 10 Women in STEM Computing Trip

Year 9 and 10 students embarked on a computing trip aimed at empowering women in STEM. They explored various computing concepts, met inspiring female professionals, and gained insights into future career possibilities.

DoE Gold Award Practice

Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award underwent a practice expedition to test their skills in navigation, resilience, and teamwork. The trip prepared them for the challenges that lie ahead in their Gold Award journey.

Year 13 Geography Tutor2U Workshop

The Year 13 Geography students participated in a Tutor2U Workshop that deepened their understanding of key geographical concepts. They engaged in interactive sessions, explored case studies, and honed their exam skills.

Year 10 MEP Birmingham Trip

Students embarked on an educational trip to Birmingham as part of the MEP (More Able & Talented Pupils) program. They engaged in workshops and activities that stimulated their intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Inclusion Trip to Excel Exhibition Centre

An inclusion trip to the Excel Exhibition Centre provided students with a diverse range of experiences and insights. They explored exhibitions, attended workshops, and celebrated diversity in a dynamic environment.

USA Ski Trip

Students ventured across the Atlantic for an unforgettable ski trip in the United States. They navigated the slopes, developed their skiing abilities, and embraced the cultural richness of an international adventure.

DoE Silver Practice

Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award underwent a practice expedition, testing their skills in navigation, resilience, and teamwork. The trip prepared them for the challenges they will encounter during their Silver Award journey.

Year 9 STEM Trip to Brunel

Students delved into the world of STEM with a visit to Brunel University. They engaged in interactive activities, explored cutting-edge technology, and gained insights into future STEM careers.

DoE Silver Qualifying Expedition

Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award embarked on a challenging qualifying expedition. They demonstrated their skills, resilience, and determination in an outdoor adventure, solidifying their progress in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program.

HP Warner Bros Trip

Design and Technology students enjoyed a thrilling trip to the HP Warner Bros Studio. They explored the world of special effects, prop design, and set construction, gaining inspiration for their own creative projects.

Year 8 STEM Trip to Brunel

Year 8 students immersed themselves in the world of STEM with a trip to Brunel University. They participated in engaging workshops, conducted experiments, and discovered the limitless possibilities of science and technology.

Year 12 Tate Britain Trip

Students visited Tate Britain, exploring the rich world of art and culture. They engaged with famous artworks, analysed artistic techniques, and gained inspiration for their own creative endeavours.

DoE Bronze Training Walk 1

Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award embarked on a training walk to develop their navigation and outdoor skills. This excursion prepared them for the challenges they would encounter during their Bronze Award journey.

Year 8 HAP Trip Imperial War Museum

Year 8 students delved into history and gained valuable insights into the impact of war with a visit to the Imperial War Museum. They explored exhibits, artefacts, and learned about historical events that shaped the world.

Year 7 STEM Trip to Brunel

Students embarked on an exciting STEM trip to Brunel University, where they engaged in hands-on activities and discovered the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

A Level Trip - Witness for the Prosecution

A Level students enjoyed a thought-provoking theatre trip to see 'Witness for the Prosecution.' The gripping performance allowed them to analyse the play's themes, character development, and theatrical techniques.

Years 8-10 Royal Albert Hall Trip

Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 had the opportunity to attend a memorable after-school trip to the Royal Albert Hall. They experienced a captivating performance and discovered the power of live music in an iconic venue.

Year 11 Royal Albert Hall Concert

Students attended a breath taking concert at the Royal Albert Hall, immersing themselves in the enchanting world of music and experiencing the transformative power of live performances.

Year 10 Geography Field Trip

The Year 10 Geography field trip focused on rivers and their impact on the environment. Students examined river processes, erosion, and flooding, enhancing their understanding of physical geography.

DoE Bronze Training Walk 2

As part of their preparation for the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award, students undertook a second training walk, honing their navigation skills and building their endurance for the challenges ahead.

Year 8 Wicked Musical Trip

Students were treated to a magical theatre experience with a trip to see the enchanting musical 'Wicked.' They were captivated by the performances, the sets, and the uplifting story.

Year 10 History Whitechapel Trip

This trip enabled students to explore the historical context of the area. They examined key sites related to Jack the Ripper, deepening their understanding of this infamous chapter in history.

Year 8 Science Museum

Students immersed themselves in the wonders of science with a visit to the Science Museum. They engaged in interactive exhibits, discovered scientific breakthroughs, and fostered their curiosity about the world.

DoE Bronze Camp

Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award embarked on a camp, honing their camping and survival skills. They embraced the outdoor environment, built resilience, and deepened their connection with nature.

Year 9 Horsenden Hill Activity Centre

The Year 9 students enjoyed an action-packed day at Horsenden Hill Activity Centre. They participated in team-building activities, challenges, and outdoor adventures, fostering their leadership and collaboration skills.

Year 8 PGL Trip

Students embarked on an unforgettable adventure at PGL (Programme for Group Leaders). They engaged in thrilling outdoor activities, fostering teamwork, resilience, and personal growth.

DoE Gold Qualifying Expedition

Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award faced the ultimate challenge with a qualifying expedition. They showcased their advanced skills, resilience, and determination, solidifying their achievements in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program.

Clink Prison Oxford Inspire

A visit to the Clink Prison as part of the Oxford Inspire Program allowed students to explore the historical context of crime and punishment. They delved into the stories of the past, developing a deeper understanding of social history.

Year 10 MEP University of Westminster

Students expanded their horizons with a visit to the University of Westminster as part of the MEP (Mandarin Excellence Program). They engaged in workshops and activities that nurtured their intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Year 7 ZSL Trip

Year 7 students enjoyed an exciting trip to the ZSL (Zoological Society of London). They explored the zoo, encountered a diverse range of animals, and deepened their understanding of conservation efforts.

DoE Bronze Qualifying Expedition

Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award undertook a challenging qualifying expedition, demonstrating their skills and resilience in an outdoor adventure. This marked a significant milestone in their Duke of Edinburgh's Award journey.

GCSE Year 10 Art Trip Tate Britain

GCSE Art students visited Tate Britain, immersing themselves in a world of artistic inspiration. They explored famous artworks, analysed techniques, and gained insights into the creative process.

Year 12 Geography Field Trip

Geography students embarked on a field trip that deepened their understanding of key geographical concepts. They conducted fieldwork, collected data, and honed their geographical skills in a real-world context.

Go Ape Battersea Year 9 Oxford Inspire

Year 9 students experienced an exhilarating adventure at Go Ape Battersea as part of the Oxford Inspire program. They conquered thrilling treetop challenges, developing their confidence and resilience.

Year 12 Politics Supreme Court

Politics students visited the Supreme Court, gaining first-hand insight into the legal system. They observed court proceedings, analysed landmark cases, and deepened their understanding of the rule of law.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the dedicated teachers and support staff who selflessly invested their valuable time and effort into nurturing the character and growth of our young people. By giving their time, energy, and expertise, these remarkable colleagues have played an instrumental role in shaping the lives of our students. They have gone above and beyond their responsibilities to inspire, guide, and instil important values, helping our young people develop into compassionate, resilient, and well-rounded individuals.  Have a lovely summer.