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Trail Blazers Graduate

As the curtains closed on our Year 13 Sixth Formers, the Pinner High Trail Blazers reached a significant milestone in their lives—their graduation. This momentous occasion signified the culmination of years of hard work, growth, and personal development. We celebrated the accomplishments and welcomed Mr Woolf back to be a part of the ceremonies.

The graduation of the Pinner High Trail Blazers represented a transformative journey of personal and academic growth. These exceptional students had overcome challenges, embraced opportunities, and acquired valuable skills that prepared them for the next chapter of their lives. 

The graduation ceremony served as a platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the Trail Blazers. It was a time to acknowledge their outstanding academic accomplishments, leadership endeavours, and contributions to the school community. The ceremony recognised not only their individual achievements but also the collective spirit and camaraderie that had shaped the Pinner High experience.

As they embark on new beginnings, these wonderful students carry with them the memories, friendships, and experiences that shaped their high school journey. With boundless potential and a spirit of resilience, The Pinner High Trail Blazers are ready to leave their mark on the world, armed with the knowledge and skills gained during their time at our school.


To all Year 11 and Year 13 students:

As you approach your final exams, we want to acknowledge your hard work and offer our best wishes. Your dedication, adaptability, and perseverance have been remarkable. Remember that these exams are a culmination of your growth and resilience. Take care of yourselves and seek support from teachers and peers. Believe in your abilities and approach each exam with confidence. Your worth extends beyond these exams, and your future is bright. Embrace the challenge and let your brilliance shine. Good luck!


A group of our politics students visited Haydon school to hear Alastair Campbell talk about his new book. He was very interactive with his talk and many of our students were able to share their thoughts on politics and ask questions. He was so impressed with our pupils afterwards. He shared his thoughts with LBC radio. 1.29 min -2.40 min.

Author Manjeet Mann Inspires Students at Pinner High School

On Wednesday, May 10th, Pinner High School had the privilege of hosting a remarkable guest speaker, Manjeet Mann, the esteemed author of the acclaimed novels Run Rebel and The Crossing. The event aimed to provide students with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of writing and gain invaluable insights from a successful author.

Manjeet engaged our eager audience with anecdotes from her own writing journey, captivating them with tales of her career as a writer. She shared her personal experiences, triumphs, and challenges, enlightening students about the realities of pursuing a creative path. As she spoke, her passion for storytelling and the written word resonated throughout the room, inspiring the young minds in attendance.

One of the key highlights of the talk was when she discussed the inspiration behind her most recent novels. She shared how her own life experiences, as well as the struggles and triumphs of those around her, served as a wellspring of ideas for her stories. By weaving in the narratives of marginalised individuals, Manjeet emphasised the importance of breaking glass ceilings and giving voice to the underprivileged. Her novels serve as a platform for these individuals to be seen and heard, a testament to the power of literature in fostering empathy and understanding.

The event proved to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on our students. The visit served as a reminder that dreams are within reach and that their voices matter. It encouraged students to explore their creative passions fearlessly and to use their writing as a means to advocate for those less advantaged. 



Celebrating Victories and Triumphs in Pinner High School Sports

Sports Update: Year 9 and Year 10 Football Victories, KS4 Girls Harrow Borough Cup Champions, and Borough Athletics Qualifiers!

Pinner High School has recently been buzzing with excitement as our talented students have achieved remarkable successes in various sports competitions. From football triumphs to outstanding performances in athletics, our students have showcased their skills, determination, and team spirit. Let's dive into the highlights of these incredible accomplishments.

Year 9 Football Harrow Borough Cup - Undefeated Champions!

In a stunning display of skill and resilience, our Year 9 football team emerged victorious in the Harrow Borough Cup, capping off an undefeated season. The final match against Park High was a thrilling encounter that ended with an impressive 8-2 victory for our team. This triumph was made even sweeter considering their loss to the same team by a narrow margin of 1-0 the previous year. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire Year 9 team for their exceptional performance and unwavering determination!

Year 10 Football Harrow Borough Cup - Finalists in the Making!

The Year 10 boys' football team has also been making waves in the Harrow Borough Cup. With an impressive run in the competition, they have secured their place in the final. Their remarkable skills, teamwork, and perseverance have brought them to this stage, and we eagerly await their upcoming match. Let's rally behind our Year 10 team and wish them the best of luck in the final!

KS4 Girls Harrow Borough Cup - Back-to-Back Champions!

Our KS4 girls' team has once again triumphed in the Harrow Borough Cup, clinching the title for the second consecutive year. Their final match against Park High was a true display of talent and determination, resulting in a resounding 7-3 victory. The girls have shown remarkable commitment and skill throughout the competition, and their back-to-back championships are a testament to their hard work and dedication. We commend the KS4 girls' team for their exceptional achievements and commendable sportsmanship!

Borough Athletics Qualifiers - Pinner High School Shines!

Pinner High School's athletics team has reason to celebrate as nine talented students have qualified for the borough athletics team. These athletes have demonstrated exceptional abilities in their respective events, earning them well-deserved recognition. We proudly acknowledge their achievements:

  • Horacio: Qualified for the 200m event
  • Ellias: Qualified for the 300m event
  • Bevan: Qualified for the 800m event (an impressive feat for a Year 8 student!)
  • Sam: Qualified for the 1500m event
  • Ishaanth: Qualified for the 300m event in Year 10!
  • Caspian: Qualified for the Shot event in Year 10!
  • Caitlin: Qualified for the Shot event
  • Oliva: Qualified for the High Jump event
  • Alana: Qualified for the Discus event

These students have displayed incredible talent, dedication, and determination in their respective disciplines. We applaud their achievements and wish them the best of luck as they represent Pinner High School in the upcoming borough athletics events.

Inspiring Art Exploration at Tate Britain: Year 12 A-Level Students' Visit

On Wednesday, May 19th, the Year 12 A-Level Art students from Pinner High School embarked on an exhilarating artistic journey at Tate Britain. The purpose of their visit was to conduct research for their fine art personal investigations, immersing themselves in the rich and diverse world of art. The students eagerly embraced the opportunity to engage with renowned artworks, seeking inspiration to fuel their own creative endeavors.

MEP Programme

PHS students joined with schools across the country at the Year 10 Mandarin Excellence Programme National Conference (MEP). The event, Journey to the East: a Voyage of Discovery, featured fascinating talks about China’s history, politics, and cultural heritage, including brilliant sessions about Chinese animation, internet fiction, and music. Speakers from Cambridge University, King’s College London, Universities of London, and Oxford University led sessions on further Chinese study at university and using Chinese in the workplace.

Students were also addressed by Nick Gibb, Rt. Hon. Minister of State for Schools, who encouraged the MEP cohort in their studies, and praised their hard work. The conference ended with a live performance from the Mandarin-speaking band Transition. The main event was held at the sleek National Convention Centre in Birmingham, but students also had the chance to explore Birmingham's Chinatown and to enjoy a Chinese meal together. 

Science Update: Pinner High School Celebrates Three Medicine Offers!

Pinner High School is proud to announce that three exceptional students, Julia, Nathan, and Nabil, have received offers to study medicine. Their outstanding achievements and dedication to the field of science have earned them this well-deserved recognition. We congratulate them on this significant milestone and celebrate their journey toward becoming future medical professionals.

Julia, Nathan, and Nabil have demonstrated exceptional aptitude and passion for the sciences throughout their time at our school. Their commitment to academic excellence, coupled with their genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others, has paved the way for these remarkable offers.

Veer one of our Sixth Formers has successfully completed phase one of STEM SMART with Cambridge University.  Each week Veer was set to work that complemented the work that he was doing as part of their school studies.  Students were also assigned a Cambridge student as a mentor, whom they will meet online once a fortnight to discuss a number of themes concerning studying at university, for example; university life, choosing courses and applying to university. Two live subject-focussed talks will also be given by researchers from the university about their cutting-edge work.