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Here is a round up of our blog posts, keeping you informed about the life and times of Pinner High School.


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  • Building Character

    Published 22/05/24, by Raj Patel


    Leaders of the Future

    Celebrating Our Year 13 Graduates

    As the academic year ends for some students, we proudly celebrate the achievements of our Year 13 graduates from our school. Their journey, marked by resilience, determination, and excellence, has been truly inspiring.

    Throughout their time at Pinner High School, our students have embraced our core values  They have excelled academically, securing university offers, while also developing into well-rounded individuals. Their commitment to learning is evident in their outstanding intellectual curiosity.

    Building character has been a cornerstone of their education. Our graduates have shown integrity, resilience, and responsibility, particularly in the face of the challenges posed by the global pandemic. Their ability to adapt and thrive amidst adversity is a testament to their strong character.

    Community spirit has flourished amongst our Year 13 students. They have actively participated in school life, contributing to a supportive and inclusive environment. Their involvement in various initiatives and events has strengthened our school community and will leave a lasting legacy.

    As our graduates prepare for their exams and the next chapter of their lives, we are confident in their ability to succeed. Whether heading to university, starting apprenticeships, or entering the workforce, they carry with them the skills, knowledge, and values instilled during their time at Pinner High School.

    To our Year 13 graduates, thank you for your hard work and contributions. You have made us incredibly proud. Good luck with your exams and all your future endeavours. Remember, you will always be a part of the Pinner High School community. Congratulations, and best wishes for the future!

    Year 9 Student Excels at Chinese speaking Competition

    In an impressive display of linguistic prowess, Year 9 student Nathan E made it into the final round of the Chinese Bridge Mandarin-Speaking Competition, organised by the British Council. This prestigious event took place at SOAS University of London in May, and Nathan's journey to the finals was marked by hard work, dedication, and an unwavering passion for Mandarin.

    To prepare for the competition, Nathan practised diligently, even delivering his speech flawlessly to a large staff audience. This preparation proved invaluable, as it not only honed his skills but also boosted his confidence. 

    On the day of the competition, Nathan's performance was nothing short of stellar. He delivered his speech with remarkable composure and confidence, captivating the audience with his impeccable Mandarin. His skills were so admirable that many teachers and audience members congratulated and praised him for his outstanding performance.

    Nathan's excellence did not go unnoticed by the media. Journalists from XinHua Net, one of China's most prestigious media outlets, were particularly impressed and invited him for a short interview. This recognition highlighted the exceptional talent Nathan displayed during the competition.

    Following the competition, our group had the opportunity to tour the main campuses of UCL and SOAS. We were all captivated by the grandeur and historical significance of these university buildings. To add a cultural twist to the day, we visited a Chinese supermarket and a bubble tea shop nearby. This visit allowed the students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, with the chance to see and learn about Chinese cabbage and lotus root, both of which they had studied in their lessons.

    Year 12 Psychology

    This term, we were lucky enough to host Felix Economakis, a counselling psychologist, to talk to us about his work.  Felix specialises in phobias and anxiety, specifically related to food and eating disorders. He discussed some of the different areas of psychology he’s worked in, such as the NHS for 8 years and now a private practice, as well as formerly working on the TV show, Freaky Eaters, which is what inspired him to specialise in treating phobias. He is able to treat most phobias in 1-2 sessions and helps people to think differently about the object of their phobia.

    We had the opportunity to ask Felix questions and to find out more about how to become a psychologist. It commonly takes 6 years to become a chartered psychologist as you need a degree that usually takes 3 years and a further 3 years post graduate training with additional training if you wish to specialise in a particular area. It was a fun and interesting session and it was nice to do something different in the lesson. Thank you to Mrs Masters for organising! 



    CCF - Written by John Lyon School

    I was deeply impressed by the energy, organisation and support behind CCF that had been delivered by the School Senior Management Team, both at the John Lyon School and at Pinner High School.  It was clear from the physical staff support on the day and in routine training, the developing plans for the future (the band for example), and the integration of the 2 schools, that this is a well nurtured organisation.  I would particularly highlight the leadership of the heads of the John Lyon School and Pinner High School, a partnership that is clearly reaping dividends.  Led by Lt Kanwar (Contingent Commander), the organisation of the day reflected an ambitious ethos, supported by high levels of assurance (exemplified by first class event instruction and risk assessments) that was well-supported by cadets, parents and staff.

    Minority Report: Y10 and Y12 Experience Thrilling Adaptation at The Lyric Hammersmith

    Students from Year 10 and Year 12 recently embarked on an exciting trip to The Lyric Hammersmith to watch a gripping adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s iconic story, Minority Report. This thrilling production captivated the audience with its intense narrative, challenging our beliefs about justice and free will.

    The adaptation brought to life a real-time chase through a futuristic London, immersing the audience in a world where the line between right and wrong is blurred. The performance was a high-octane experience, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats as the story unfolded.

    At the heart of Minority Report are profound themes of justice and free will. The play delves into the moral complexities of pre-emptive justice, questioning whether it is right to punish individuals for crimes they have not yet committed but are predicted to. This thought-provoking narrative sparked lively discussions among the students, who were eager to explore the ethical dilemmas presented.

    UCL Scholars Live Events: A Focus on Writing

    We have now hosted the second set of UCL Scholars live events, this time focusing on  writing. All events were very well attended, and we were really impressed by the levels of student engagement.  Particular highlights from these sessions include:

    • Having a great Q&A session with our UCL mentors, discussing the importance of literacy skills in their studies
    • Discussions about writing techniques and how to put them into practice
    • We looked at writing for different purposes and how style changes depending on the audience.
    • We learnt about writing to advertise and participants created some great advertisements for their own high street shops.
    • We discussed ‘flash fiction’, with students creating their own stories with incredibly creative ideas and excellent language use.
    • We looked at scriptwriting, with students creating their own scripts.
    • Sessions ended with asking all students to reflect on what they had learnt and to set themselves a challenge to further improve their writing skills.

    The next set of live events, focusing on speaking and listening, will take place at the end of May.  Before then, students have three writing focused assignments to complete and submit to their mentor, followed by a university activity.

    Sports Update: Triumphs and Challenges for Our Teams

    Year 7 Girls Netball Team Undefeated

    Our Year 7 girls netball team has demonstrated remarkable skill and teamwork, winning all five of their recent matches. Their undefeated streak is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Here are their impressive results:

    • Hatch End: 9-4
    • Nower Hill: 11-2
    • Harrow High: 13-1
    • Whitemore: 17-0
    • Rooks Heath: 14-0

    The team is now eagerly awaiting the announcement of the semi-final date. Congratulations to the players and their coach for this outstanding performance!

    KS4 Girls Football Team Crowned Borough Champions

    In a display of sheer dominance, our KS4 girls football team played the final against Park High and secured a stunning 10-0 victory. This win crowns them as borough champions for the third season in a row, maintaining an unbeaten record throughout. Their exceptional performance on the field highlights their commitment and teamwork. Well done to the team and their coaches for this remarkable achievement!

    Year 7 Table Tennis Team Secures Borough Championship

    Congratulations to our Year 7 table tennis team for their outstanding victory against Park High , which earned them the title of borough champions! The team's dedication and skill were on full display as they secured this impressive win. Well done to all the players for their hard work and perseverance.

    KS4 Girls Football Team Dominates 

    Our KS4 girls football team achieved a remarkable victory last Friday, defeating Park High with an astonishing score of 10-0. This win marks their third consecutive season as borough champions, maintaining an undefeated record throughout. Their commitment, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of excellence have truly set them apart. Congratulations to the team and their coaches for this exceptional accomplishment!

    Year 9 and 11 Boys Face Tough Competition in Borough Football Finals

    Despite their best efforts, our Year 9 and Year 11 boys football teams faced a challenging match in the borough football finals held at Rayners Lane stadium. Both teams played with great determination but ultimately did not secure the championship titles. We are proud of their hard work and sportsmanship throughout the season. They have shown resilience and dedication, and we look forward to their continued growth and future successes

    Year 9 

    Beat Avanti in the semi-finals of the netball and face Park in the final on the 6th June. 

    Year 10

    Cricket beat Nower Hill in the county cup first round and will now play Oakwood School. Unfortunately, the year 8s lost their first-round match. Both cricket teams have yet to start the borough competition. 

    Athletes who finished in the top 3 at borough championships 

    Year 7

    J Ali Sticca - 100m - 1st / discus 3rd

    C George - long Jump - 3rd

    Year 7 girls relay - 2nd


    C Brown - 800m - 1st

    P Henadez - Hurdles - 1st

    T Hayder - High Jump - 2nd

    J Conboy - Javelin - 3rd

    Year 7 boys relay - 1st


    Year 9

    N Bakermans - 200m - 2nd

    C Fearn - 300m - 1st

    J Gonzalaz - Discus - 1st


    Z Nai - 300m - 3rd

    B Randhawa - 800m - 3rd

    M Cook - Long Jump - 2nd 

    A Sehgal - Shot - 1st

    A Yudichev - Discus - 2nd


    Year 10 

    M Juj - Long Jump - 2nd

    C Walton - Shot - 2nd / Discus 1st

    E Nichol - 400m - 3rd

    K Bhachu - 800m - 3rd

    H Ali Sticca - 1500m - 2nd

    S Tarling - 1500m - 3rd

    Z Khan - High Jump - 3rd

    A Khan - Shot 2nd

    A Mohammed - Discus - 3rd

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  • Inspiring Talent

    Published 27/03/24, by Raj Patel
    Celebrating World Book Day: A Parade of Literary Characters: World Book Day is a celebration of literature and reading that takes place annually, and this year was no exception. One of the highlights of the day was the staff's enthusiastic par
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  • CERN Makes a Big Impact

    Published 09/02/24, by Raj Patel


    CERN Makes a Big Impact on Future Physicists

    Visiting CERN was an awe-inspiring experience. The sprawling campus, home to the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, exuded an atmosphere of innovation and discovery. CERN's contributions to A-level Physics became vividly apparent as I delved into the intricacies of particle interactions, the Higgs boson discovery, and the fundamental principles that underpin our understanding of the universe.

    Visiting the United Nations headquarters was a profoundly impactful experience. Witnessing the commitment to inclusivity and the pursuit of justice on a global scale left me with a renewed sense of hope. The United Nations headquarters in Geneva stands as a beacon of hope for a more just and equitable future. 

    The Geneva-based Museum of Science History is an impressive showcase of scientific instruments that have evolved, as well as exhibits dedicated to star signs. Each exhibit on display highlights the interconnectedness of various scientific disciplines and their profound influence on shaping our understanding of the world.
    Having the opportunity to discover new places, try various types of cuisine, and learn a lot at the United Nations, Jet d'Eau, CERN, and the Science History Museum was amazing. We were surprised at how much we were able to do and see in just three days. Exploring unfamiliar territory brought us all closer together, creating a lasting sense of connection. This was the trip of a lifetime and something that will stay with us forever.

    Jenika Patel (year 13 physics student)

    New Inspiriing Learning Podcast on Youth Participation in Politics with Alastair Campbell

   - Launched by Imad Ahmer Year 13

    In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, a new podcast has emerged to ignite conversations and inspire change. The latest episode of the "Inspiring Learning" podcast delves deep into the topic of youth participation in politics, featuring an insightful interview with renowned political strategist and author, Alastair Campbell. 

    In a world where the voices of young people are increasingly vital, this episode sheds light on the power of youth engagement in shaping political discourse and driving societal progress. Hosted by passionate advocates for education and empowerment, the podcast aims to spark dialogue and foster a sense of agency among listeners, particularly the younger generation.

    The interview with Alastair Campbell offers a compelling exploration of the intersection between politics and youth activism. Drawing from his extensive experience in government and his dedication to mental health advocacy, Campbell shares valuable insights into the importance of amplifying youth voices in the political arena. From the role of social media in mobilising young voters to the impact of grassroots movements on policy-making, Campbell provides a nuanced perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing young people today.

    Moreover, the podcast delves into practical strategies for increasing youth engagement in politics, including the importance of education, mentorship, and community involvement. By highlighting success stories and inspiring initiatives worldwide, the episode offers listeners tangible examples of how young people can effect meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

    As the conversation unfolds, listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own roles as active citizens and catalysts for positive change. Through thought-provoking discussions and empowering narratives, the podcast aims to cultivate a sense of agency and civic responsibility among its audience, empowering them to become informed, engaged participants in the democratic process.

    In a time marked by political polarisation and societal challenges, the "Inspiring Learning" podcast serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. By amplifying diverse voices and championing the power of youth activism, it underscores the transformative potential of collective action and solidarity. As listeners tune in to this thought-provoking episode, they are invited to join the conversation and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and meaningful impact.


    Nurturing Future Innovators: A Glimpse into Bioengineering at Imperial College

    On January 25th, ten gifted students from across the UK had the unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of bioengineering at Imperial College's White City campus. These budding scientists, proficient in physics, maths, and biology, were invited to participate in a Bioengineering taster day that promised a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on experience.

    The day commenced with an engaging taster lecture on the mechanics of the hand, shedding light on the intricate interplay of biological systems and engineering principles. Led by academic experts, the students delved into the biomechanics behind one of the most complex structures in the human body, setting the stage for an enlightening journey ahead.

    Following the lecture, the students eagerly immersed themselves in two hands-on workshops, each designed to challenge their analytical skills and creativity. In the first workshop, they were tasked with designing a ventilator, drawing upon their knowledge of physics and maths to develop innovative solutions for respiratory support—an especially relevant topic in today's healthcare landscape.

    The second workshop, focusing on backbone mechanics, provided a deeper dive into the biomechanical principles governing spinal health. Through collaborative problem-solving and experimentation, the students gained invaluable insights into the application of engineering principles to address medical challenges.

    For students like Jenishan, Sara, Rajdeep, Yogesh, Gia, Roma, Mikael, Sara, Nilaya, and Sami, the taster day was more than just an educational experience—it was a glimpse into their potential future careers. By applying their existing STEM knowledge to real-world problems in health and medicine, they not only expanded their understanding of bioengineering but also gained a newfound appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of the field.

    Inspiring the Next Generation: Insights from Dr. Ahmed's Talk to Aspiring Medics


    On 31st January, students in Year 12 and 13 had the privilege of receiving invaluable insights from Dr. Ahmed, a respected General Practitioner and Chair of Governors. Dr. Ahmed, who also serves on interview panels for several prestigious London universities, shared her wealth of experience and expertise with our aspiring medics, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

    As the session commenced, Dr. Ahmed wasted no time in delving into the heart of the matter: how to succeed as a future healthcare professional. Drawing from her own journey and years of experience, she emphasised the importance of confidence, highlighting simple yet powerful techniques such as smiling and maintaining eye contact. These subtle gestures, she explained, can make a world of difference in establishing rapport and conveying professionalism during interviews.

    But Dr. Ahmed's guidance extended far beyond mere presentation skills. Throughout the session, she fielded a wide array of challenging questions from students, addressing topics ranging from medical apprenticeships to the nuances of NHS versus private healthcare. Her candid responses provided students with valuable insights into the complexities of the healthcare landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future careers.

    One particularly enlightening aspect of the discussion was Dr. Ahmed's perspective on studying abroad. With globalisation reshaping the field of medicine, many students were eager to explore opportunities beyond their home country. Dr. Ahmed offered practical advice and encouragement, highlighting the benefits of gaining international experience and the diverse opportunities available to those willing to venture beyond familiar shores.

    The session was met with enthusiastic praise from students, particularly those in Year 13 who are currently navigating the daunting landscape of university interviews. Dr. Ahmed's guidance provided them with much-needed clarity and reassurance, equipping them with the confidence and knowledge to excel in their upcoming interviews and pursue their dreams of studying healthcare-related degrees.

    As students left the session inspired and empowered, Dr. Ahmed's talk served as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of mentorship and guidance. Through her generosity and expertise, she has not only imparted valuable lessons but also ignited a spark of inspiration in the hearts of our aspiring medics, propelling them forward on their journey towards fulfilling careers in healthcare.

    Sports Update

    Superb results and acheievemetns! The U16 girls team last week won 2-1 away against Avanti to reach the Harrow final.


    U13 Basketball won the Harrow Cup vs Salvatorian

    YR7 Boys won the Harrow Tournament at Whitmore

    YR7 Boys and YR8 won the Harrow Indoor Athletics competition (through to the London Youth Games) - YR8 Girls came second

    U14 Table Tennis won the Whitmore Tournament

    YR11 netball won 20-1

    YR10 won 23-1

    Year 8 Girls V Hatch End- Won 17-0          Netball

    Year 8 Girls V Rooks Heath- Won 20-0     Netball

    Year 9 Girls V Hatch End- Won 24-1          Netball

    Year 9 Girls V Rooks Heath- Won 28-0     Netball

    Year 10 boys (and Girl) beat Claremont 1st round Middx Cup 8-1 Football

    Year 10 Netball Borough Champions        Netball

    Year 8 boys won all 3 borough group games - in semi final             Football

    Year 8 boys won first 2 rounds of county cup - into last 16              Football

    Year 8 basketball into borough semi final vs Rooks            Basketball

    Year 9 boys won all 3 group games in to semi final             Football

    6th form drew first game vs Avanti 5-5 - Darrell scored 4 Football

    Navigating Pathways: Insights from a Careers Fair

    Recently, students from across our community had the opportunity to explore a myriad of potential futures at our annual Careers Fair. Hosted within the bustling halls of our school, the event brought together a diverse array of professionals, companies, and educational institutions, offering invaluable insights and inspiration for our young learners.

    The Careers Fair served as a vibrant hub of activity, with each booth representing a unique industry, profession, or academic path. From engineering firms to healthcare providers, universities to apprenticeship programs, the breadth of options was truly impressive. Students had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with representatives, ask questions, and gain firsthand knowledge about various career pathways.

    Beyond the immediate practical benefits, the Careers Fair fostered a spirit of aspiration and ambition among our students. As they interacted with professionals from diverse backgrounds and learned about the multitude of opportunities available to them, they were inspired to dream big and aim high. The event served as a reminder that no dream is too ambitious and no goal too lofty for those willing to pursue their passions with dedication and perseverance.

    As the day drew to a close and students departed with newfound insights and aspirations, the impact of the Careers Fair continued to reverberate throughout our school community. For many, it was a pivotal moment in their academic journey—a moment of clarity, motivation, and empowerment that will shape their future trajectories for years to come

    Checkmate: The Remarkable Journey of Our Chess Club

    In the quiet corners of our school, amidst the whispers of strategy and the click-clack of moving pieces, a silent revolution is taking place. Our Chess Club, once a small gathering of enthusiasts, is now a thriving community of strategic thinkers and passionate players. With each passing week, our club is going from strength to strength, leaving an indelible mark on our school culture.

    What started as a modest gathering of chess aficionados has blossomed into a vibrant hub of intellectual stimulation and friendly competition. Thanks to the dedication of our colleagues and the guidance of our experienced coaches, our club has evolved into a force to be reckoned with, attracting players of all skill levels and backgrounds.

    One of the most remarkable aspects of our Chess Club's journey is its inclusive nature. Regardless of age, gender, or experience level, everyone is welcomed with open arms and encouraged to participate. Whether you're a seasoned grandmaster or a curious beginner, there's a place for you at our chessboard. 

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  • What a term!

    Published 14/12/23, by Raj Patel

    Year 13 Biologists visited Kew Gardens to complete their ecology fieldwork. Students worked in groups to study and compare two areas (one wild and one landscaped). They used different equipment to measure the abiotic factors in the area, including light intensity, soil temperature and moisture levels). After this first session, students were given free time to explore the gardens and the different greenhouses. Students enjoyed viewing the record-breaking giant Victoria Boliviano in the Waterlily house. It was named a new species by a team from Kew in 2022, and its lily pads grow up to three metres wide! Another fascinating plant was the Mimosa plant; its leaves fold inwards when touched! At the beginning of the day, students were informed that we would enter them into a photography competition - with the winners winning a £10 Amazon gift voucher! 

    Triumph at CCF Winter Camp: Pinner Students Make History

    The recently concluded CCF (Combined Cadet Force) Winter Camp stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements of our students. Their outstanding performance surpassed all expectations, resulting in an exceptional victory, with our team securing triumph in 5 out of 6 competitions.

    A pivotal highlight of this success story was the remarkable feat achieved by our Team Leader, Yaqub Rahman. Not only did he excel amongst all Non-Commissioned Officers, but his exceptional performance earned him the prestigious promotion to Sergeant.

    This triumph is even more significant because it marks the first instance in Pinner's history that our team has claimed the top spot. Surpassing the private schools that hosted the event, our students showcased unparalleled determination, skill, and perseverance.

    This victory is a testament to our students' dedication and hard work, showcasing their unwavering commitment to excellence. It's a momentous occasion that will be remembered in the annals of Pinner's achievements, setting a new standard for success and determination.

    Sports Updates

    It looks like the school's sports teams have been absolutely crushing it lately! Check out these impressive results:

    • Year 8 Girls dominated against Hatch End and Rooks Heath in Netball, securing impressive wins of 17-0 and 20-0 respectively.
    • Year 9 Girls continued their winning streak in Netball, triumphing over Hatch End with a score of 24-1 and securing a stellar 28-0 win against Rooks Heath.
    • The Year 10 Boys (and a Girl) showcased their prowess in football, triumphing over Claremont 8-1 in the first round of the Middx Cup.
    • The Year 10 Netball team soared to victory, claiming the title of Netball Borough Champions.
    • In football, the Year 8 Boys triumphed in all three borough group games, securing a spot in the semi-finals. They also aced the first two rounds of the county cup, advancing to the last 16.
    • The Year 8 basketball team demonstrated their skills by making it into the borough semi-final against Rooks.

    Continuing the success, the Year 9 Boys dominated with wins in all three group games, earning them a spot in the football semi-final.

    These achievements showcase not only the talent and dedication of the school's sports people but also the remarkable teamwork and sportsmanship across various sports. Congratulations to all the teams for their outstanding performances!

    Exploring Theatrical Depths: KS4 and KS5 Drama Students’ Outing to the Harold Pinter Theatre

    Gathering 80 students from KS4 and KS5 Drama, a trip to the Harold Pinter Theatre in central London offered an evening filled with anticipation and intrigue. The focal point of the excursion was the performance of "Dr Semmelweis," featuring Mark Rylance, a renowned actor known for his compelling roles.

    Navigating the hustle and bustle of central London, the students arrived at the Harold Pinter Theatre, a venue steeped in theatrical history. With a mix of curiosity and scepticism, they settled in for the performance, unsure of what awaited them.

    "Dr Semmelweis," headlined by Rylance, unfurled its narrative, weaving a tale that demanded attention. The students observed, some finding resonance in the storyline while others remained detached. Rylance’s performance was a focal point, yet opinions varied on its impact, leaving some unimpressed.


    The first interschool chess tournament was held on 10th November; the schools that participated were Bentley Wood High School, Hatch End High School and Pinner High School. It was also supported by the Harrow Chess Club. Pinner High School was awarded the best chess-playing team. The chess champion was Manmay Chopra from PHS; Arthur Cann from HEHS won 2nd place and Brian Ng won 3rd place.

    Cyber First: Year 8 Girls Pioneering in Cybersecurity

    Our Year 8 girls are boldly stepping into cybersecurity through Cyber First, igniting a transformative journey of learning and empowerment. Beyond a mere competition, it's a gateway to hands-on exploration, unravelling digital puzzles, and cultivating essential skills beyond the classroom.

    These girls aren't just decoding codes; they're honing problem-solving, teamwork, and resilience – tools vital for future challenges. Cyber First isn't just about winning; it's a confidence boost, instilling the courage to chase dreams fearlessly.

    Moreover, their participation isn't just ground-breaking; it's a beacon of inclusivity, shattering stereotypes in the cybersecurity sphere. These girls aren't just contestants; they're potential leaders, shaping a diverse, innovative future for digital security.

    Empowering Year 7 Students During Anti-Bullying Week: Freezing Frames from "The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty".

    During Anti-Bullying Week, Year 7 students explored "The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty" by David Calcutt. They created freeze frames based on Scene 1, focusing on peer pressure, bullying, and family dynamics. These frozen moments highlighted the importance of seeking help from adults when bullied and showing kindness.

    The freeze frames depicted moments of peer pressure, with students torn between fitting in and staying true to themselves. Some showed the isolation felt by victims of bullying, emphasising the harsh realities faced by many. Others portrayed seeking guidance from trusted adults, highlighting the need for help in difficult situations.

    Amidst these scenes, acts of kindness emerged as impactful moments. Students showcased compassion and empathy, underlining how simple acts of kindness can counteract bullying and create a supportive environment.

    This creative exercise allowed students to explore the play's themes while internalising its crucial messages. The freeze frames served as a reminder of empathy, speaking out against bullying, and seeking support during tough times. As Anti-Bullying Week concluded, these freeze frames reflected the students' commitment to fostering kindness within their school community.

    Investigating Anatomy: 6th Form Medic's Society's Rat Dissection

    In a recent lesson, the 6th Form Medic's Society explored rat dissection to learn more about anatomy. This hands-on experience helped students improve their dissection skills and understand how to identify organs in-depth. With expert guidance, they carefully dissected rats, uncovering the inner workings of these creatures' bodies. 

    The session wasn't just about cutting; it was a chance for students to see how organs fit together and how the body functions. As they carefully examined each organ, they understood how things work inside living beings. This practical learning connected classroom lessons to real-life scenarios, making the study of anatomy more tangible.

    This hands-on approach sparked curiosity and laid a strong foundation for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine. It highlighted the importance of practical learning in understanding the human body's complexities, leaving a lasting impression on future medical professionals.

    Year 12 biologists attended Biology in Action at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, where they attended five lectures led by scientists in their field. The lectures were as follows: Consultant Ophthalmologist in Genetic Eye Disease from Moorfields Eye Hospital discussed her research and how it intertwines with the clinical care she provides her patients. We then listened to a PhD student whose work on ancient skeletons identified the earliest evidence of plague in Britain (4000 years ago). She discussed how diseases like leprosy and the plague leave visual evidence on bones, only to be uncovered by archaeologists thousands of years later. A bee specialist from the University of Sussex then discussed the many causes of insect decline and possible solutions to this crisis. Dr Helen Pilcher, a science and comedy writer, discussed the dilemmas posed by modern-day conservation. Finally, we learnt from a consultant at Queen Mary University London how understanding blood clotting has driven the improvement in treating trauma and explained how current research aims to save even more lives.

    Year 10 took their baking skills to new heights with a surprise spontaneous challenge – a Bake-Off featuring their delightful Raspberry Cream Slice cakes. The unexpected twist of presenting their creations to a surprise panel of teacher judges added an extra layer of excitement to the bake.

    The teachers, taken aback by the unexpected task, stepped up to the plate, wielding their judging spoons with the utmost seriousness. Each cake was meticulously assessed, dissected, and savoured, as the teachers earnestly fulfilled their newfound roles as judges.

    After much deliberation, the winners emerged, their efforts celebrated with the coveted Golden Tickets. The competition showcased not just the students' baking prowess but also the dedication and enthusiasm of both the participants and the teachers-turned-judges, making it a flavourful and memorable event for all involved.

    Throughout this term, Spanish students have been honing their creative writing skills, crafting vibrant postcards that transport readers to imaginary holidays in Year 8, detailing hobbies in Year 10, and mapping out their financial lives in Year 11. These exercises not only strengthen language proficiency but also foster imaginative expression and communication in Spanish.

    In addition to these engaging writing tasks, language assemblies have taken centre stage, emphasising the importance of embracing continuous learning in foreign languages. Students were urged to recognise the lifelong value of language acquisition, highlighting how further study can significantly benefit their future careers.

    These assemblies served as inspirational platforms, encouraging students to ponder the professional advantages that multilingualism can bring. They underscored the relevance of language proficiency in an increasingly globalised world, promoting the idea that proficiency in a foreign language isn't just a skill but an asset that opens doors to diverse career opportunities.

    Guest Speaker Adisa

    Pinner High School was buzzing with excitement as they welcomed the talented spoken word poet, Adisa Steven-Ezeocha. Adisa's presence left an indelible mark on Year 9 and 10 students as he masterfully weaved words and emotions through his poetry. His powerful performance not only showcased his literary prowess but also ignited a passion for storytelling and self-expression amongst the students. Adisa's visit was an inspiring and thought-provoking experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the written and spoken word amongst the students at Pinner High School.

    Pinner High School marked National Poetry Day with a vibrant celebration by hosting a poetry slam event. The gathering showcased a diverse array of talented poets, each delivering their unique and stirring verses. The event resonated with the power of words and the beauty of creative expression, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the art of poetry. It was a momentous occasion that brought together students and poetry enthusiasts alike to revel in the magic of spoken word.

    Exploring Forensic Science: Medic's Society's Insightful Career Chat

    The Medic's Society recently engaged in a captivating career chat with a forensic scientist from the MET police, delving into the intriguing realm of forensic science. The discussion illuminated the significance of DNA evidence and the application of luminol in crime scene investigations.

    The session proved particularly relevant for A-level biology students, aligning with their curriculum on DNA amplification, genetic fingerprinting, and sequencing. Insights into how PCR amplifies small DNA samples recovered from crime scenes and the intricate process of genetic analysis offered a tangible connection between classroom learning and real-world forensic practices.

    The discussion with the forensic scientist not only expanded the students' understanding of forensic techniques but also emphasized the practical applications of biological principles in solving criminal investigations.

    Sixth Form

    Kyle Patel's nomination for the St John Ambulance Award is a remarkable achievement. Such recognition typically highlights exceptional dedication, service, and commitment within the realm of first aid and healthcare. The nomination itself speaks volumes about Kyle's contributions, his skills, and his selflessness in aiding others. It's a true testament to his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in his community.

    What a fascinating outing for the A-Level Sociology and Psychology Students to witness Agatha Christie's "Witness for the Prosecution." Such an immersive experience undoubtedly provided them with an opportunity to explore and analyse human behaviour, societal constructs, and the intricacies of the justice system firsthand. The play's narrative complexities likely served as a rich ground for discussions, offering insights into the complexities of human nature and the dynamics of legal proceedings. This engaging extracurricular activity likely complemented their studies, providing a practical lens through which to examine concepts from their coursework. It's wonderful to see education extend beyond the classroom, allowing students to engage with real-world applications of their academic pursuits.

    Other Sixth Form News:

    Several students underwent interviews at both Oxford and Cambridge, showcasing their academic potential and ambition. Additionally, a commendable number of students secured acceptance into the Oxford Inspire Programme, a testament to their dedication and scholarly achievements.

    The Year 13 Parents Information Evening, delivered in collaboration with Elevate Education, likely provided valuable insights and guidance for both students and their parents regarding academic pathways and study strategies.

    Furthermore, the initiative involving 51 Year 12 students being trained as mentors to support younger peers in the lower school reflects a commendable commitment to fostering a supportive academic environment. This mentorship program is bound to enrich both mentors and mentees, creating a positive and collaborative learning atmosphere within the school.

    Oxbridge Club

    Recently, the Pinner High School sixth form team, namely our Head of Sixth form, Mr Pandya, with the help of an external teacher and published author, has kindly set up an after-school club for pupils interested in applying to Oxbridge. Aside from providing general and personalised guidance in making a highly academic application for further education, the club has a significant focus on generating and nurturing curiosity within student's chosen subjects beyond school. With weekly research projects and presentations, students are taught wider skills to allow them to not only explore topics which realistically cannot be covered in a classroom environment, but also the necessary ability to be able to display and communicate these ideas and findings with others. The connection fostered between students within the club also provides collective support for the heavy stress which is often faced by students applying to Oxbridge or other very academically demanding universities, as well as an open environment where like-minded students can build upon ideas with one another. While the Pinner High school Oxbridge club is still new and developing, there is very little doubt that it will eventually grow to become a staple within the sixth form, encouraging more students who may be hesitant to foster their aspirations, to assess if Oxbridge could be the place for them.

    The Year 13 Economics students visited the Bank of England for a talk on the history of the bank and how they use monetary policy to try to control inflation. They visited the museum and looked at the various exhibitions about money, gold and the history of transatlantic slavery through its connections with the Bank of England, which was fascinating. The students were able to ask questions about how the Bank of England is controlled and some of the measures they take to manage inflation in the UK.


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  • A New School Year Begins

    Published 18/09/23, by Raj Patel

    Summer School Success

    Pinner High School's summer school for incoming Year 7 students has concluded with resounding success. The program focused on academic readiness, offering tailored coursework and engaging activities to prepare students for secondary education. Additionally, it provided a platform for students to build friendships, fostering a sense of belonging within the school community. Most notably, the summer school significantly boosted students' confidence, not only in navigating the school grounds but also in their interpersonal skills, setting a positive tone for the new academic year. 

    World Challenge to Borneo

    This summer break marked a remarkable adventure for Pinner High School as a group of 45 Year 10 and 11 students, accompanied by 6 dedicated members of our staff, embarked on an unforgettable journey with World Challenge. Divided into three groups of 15, our students set out on three distinct challenges over a span of 16 days. This extraordinary experience was not just a trip; it was an opportunity for personal growth, global exploration, and building lasting memories.

    Our students engaged in a transformative community reforestation project during their Borneo expedition. The mission was to reclaim a corridor of jungle devastated by the 1998 Borneo Forest fires. Equipped with long machetes, our students ventured into thick undergrowth, teeming with insects, to clear the land for replanting.

    The World Challenge expedition was more than just a sightseeing tour. It challenged our students both physically and mentally. They navigated challenging terrain, conquered new heights, and pushed their limits. This experience fostered teamwork, self-reliance, and resilience, qualities that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

    This effort extended to seed collection from suitable trees, with the intention to germinate and nurture these seeds into saplings. The result? Three expansive areas of jungle lovingly adopted by our school, poised to serve as a haven for a diverse range of wildlife over the next decade. Amongst these anticipated guests are orangutans, pygmy elephants, and a plethora of monkey species. A superb experience for all. Perhaps Ecuador or Cambodia will be the next adventure for Pinner High students.




    CCF goes from Strength to Strength

    Our CCF (Combined Cadet Force) Summer Camp has exemplified our commitment to developing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to face life's challenges with resilience and integrity.

    The CCF Summer Camp was an extraordinary experience for our students. Over the course of this adventurous camp, they were immersed in an environment that demanded teamwork, discipline, and leadership. Through activities such as orienteering, leadership challenges, and survival training, our students discovered the transformative power of taking the lead and working together towards a common goal.

    In a world increasingly dominated by screens and technology, our CCF initiative in conjunction with John Lyons School provides an invaluable opportunity for students to reconnect with service. These young leaders are poised to make a positive difference in our school, our community, and the world at large. Here's to their continued growth and success!


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  • A Year to Remember

    Published 17/07/23, by Raj Patel

    Borneo World Challenge


    Over the summer a group of students will embark on a thrilling adventure to Borneo with World Challenge, an organisation renowned for offering transformative expeditions for young individuals. Filled with curiosity, enthusiasm, and a spirit of adventure, these students are eagerly looking forward to an unforgettable summer experience.

    The captivating island of Borneo, with its lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage, has been chosen as the destination for Pinner High School's World Challenge expedition. The students are excited about immersing themselves in this enchanting environment, where they will discover new perspectives and push their boundaries.

    Central to the World Challenge ethos is the idea of giving back to local communities, and our students are wholeheartedly embracing this philosophy. During their time in Borneo they will actively participate in community service projects, collaborating closely with local organisations and communities to make a positive impact. Whether it's volunteering in conservation efforts or supporting educational initiatives, students will aim to leave a lasting impression on the lives of the people they encounter.

    This expedition promises to be a life-changing experience, offering cherished memories and a broader perspective of the world. The students are excited to seize the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary adventure, knowing that the greatest experiences often lie beyond our comfort zones.

    Matilda wows the local community

    Our Drama and Music departments have successfully finished their 4-show run of the award winning, 'Matilda The Musical'.  Performances included students from Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 and was developed over the last 6 months as an additional extra-curricular activity, in line with our 'inspiring creativity' ethos. Students performed to sell-out audiences, including two matinee performances for local primary schools: Cannon Lane and Newton Farm. Thank you to everyone that was involved in the development process and final production.

    Our students delivered a mesmerising performance of the beloved musical "Matilda." Bringing to life the iconic characters and enchanting storyline created by Ronald Dahl, these young performers showcased their immense talent and passion on stage, captivating the audience with their rendition of Matilda's extraordinary journey.

    From the moment the curtains rose the audience was transported into the whimsical world of Matilda Wormwood. The talented young actors seamlessly portrayed the complex emotions and vivid personalities of the characters, breathing life into each scene. Their impeccable delivery of the script, combined with powerful vocals and remarkable choreography, brought enchanting magic to the stage.


    Our Year 13 students celebrated the culmination of their academic journey with a memorable prom. Dressed in elegant attire the graduates came together for an evening of joy, reflection, and celebration. The prom provided an opportunity for them to reminisce about their years in school, acknowledge their accomplishments, and bid farewell to friends and teachers who have been a significant part of their lives. With music, dancing, and laughter, the Year 13 prom was a fitting tribute to the hard work and dedication of these young individuals as they prepare to embark on new adventures beyond school.

    Year 11 students marked a significant milestone in their education with their own unforgettable prom. Donning stylish outfits, the students gathered to commemorate the completion of their GCSE examinations and the closing of their secondary school years. The prom was a momentous occasion filled with excitement and a touch of nostalgia as they celebrated the friendships forged and the lessons learned during their time at the school.

    The proms for both Year 13 and Year 11 were not only celebrations of academic achievements but also opportunities for the students to come together, enjoy each other's company, and create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

    Year 8 PGL Adventure: Thrilling Outdoor Experience

    As the academic year reached its end, the students of Year 8 at embarked on an exhilarating adventure at PGL (Programme for Group Leaders). This action-packed excursion provided them with an opportunity to engage in thrilling outdoor activities and foster important life skills.

    Throughout their time at PGL, students had the chance to participate in a variety of adrenaline-pumping adventures. From high ropes courses to zip lines, they embraced new challenges and pushed their limits. These outdoor activities not only provided a sense of excitement and adventure but also fostered teamwork, resilience, and personal growth.

    The PGL experience was a transformative one for the students, allowing them to develop essential life skills. They learned the importance of effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability while working together in teams. Overcoming obstacles and conquering fears, they discovered their own strengths and built confidence in themselves and their abilities.




    Duke of Edinburgh Award


    In a display of determination and teamwork, over 60 Year 9 students went on an inspiring journey as part of their training for the Bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. With sunny weather and positive attitudes they hiked a challenging 10-kilometre route from Ruislip Lido to Rickmansworth Aquadrome, an experience that tested their physical endurance and fostered essential life skills. 

    An unforgettable weekend unfolded as 23 resilient Year 10 students embarked on their Silver Qualifier expedition in the Peak District. Despite encountering obstacles such as arriving at camp after dark on the first night and enduring heavy rain on the second night, these determined students showcased unwavering spirit and determination, completing their challenging 52-kilometre journey with enthusiasm and embodying the true essence of Pinner High School. 

    A Year that Sent Students Beyond the Curriculum

    The academic year was filled with an array of thrilling and educational school trips. From sporting events to cultural excursions, each trip provided students with unique experiences that enriched their learning and created lasting memories. Let's take a journey through the exciting adventures that students embarked on throughout the year.

    Netball Trip: England vs. Uganda

    The netball trip allowed students to witness an intense match between England and Uganda. The students cheered on their favourite players and experienced the thrill of a live sporting event, igniting their passion for netball.

    Year 10 Geography Trip: Stratford

    The Year 10 Geography trip to Stratford immersed students in a real-life case study. They explored the area, conducted fieldwork, and deepened their understanding of geographical concepts, connecting classroom learning to the world around them.

    Barbican Music Trip

    Students had the opportunity to visit the Barbican and immerse themselves in a world of music. They attended captivating performances and discovered a variety of musical genres, fostering a greater appreciation for the arts.

    Year 11 Bowling Trip

    Students enjoyed a fun-filled bowling trip, strengthening friendships and creating cherished memories. The excursion provided a well-deserved break and allowed students to relax and enjoy each other's company.

    Year 8 Reward Trip - Puttstars Harrow

    Students were rewarded for their hard work with a trip to Puttstars Harrow, where they enjoyed a day of mini-golf and friendly competition. The outing provided a well-deserved break and celebrated their accomplishments.

    Pinner Cluster Carol Concert - St Albans Church

    The concert brought together students from various schools to celebrate the holiday season through music. Students showcased their musical talents and spread joy to the community, fostering a sense of togetherness.

    Year 13 Bletchley Park Trip

    A fascinating trip to Bletchley Park allowed Year 13 students to explore the historical site associated with code-breaking during World War II. They delved into the secrets of cryptography and gained insight into significant historical events.

    Year 12 & 13 Politics to Parliament

    Students immersed themselves in the world of British politics with a trip to Parliament. They engaged in interactive sessions, observed debates, and deepened their understanding of democratic processes, fostering their interest in political affairs.

    Year 13 Sociology Trip

    Year 13 students embarked on a sociology trip that provided real-world applications of sociological theories. They visited relevant sites and engaged in discussions, enhancing their understanding of social structures and phenomena.

    Year 13 CERN Trip

    A highlight for Year 13 students was the trip to CERN, where they witnessed ground breaking scientific research in the field of particle physics. The experience expanded their scientific knowledge and ignited their curiosity for the mysteries of the universe.

    Year 10 Chemistry Oxford Trip

    Year 10 students explored the world of chemistry with a trip to Oxford University. They engaged in hands-on experiments, interacted with experts, and experienced the vibrant academic atmosphere of the prestigious institution.

    Year 8 STEM Brunel University Trip

    Students embarked on a STEM-focused trip to Brunel University where they participated in engaging workshops and activities. They discovered the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, inspiring their future academic pursuits.

    Ski Trip France

    Students hit the slopes in an exhilarating ski trip to France. They embraced the challenges of winter sports, built resilience, and created unforgettable memories in a picturesque mountain setting.

    Year 12 Design and Technology British Museum Trip

    Year 12 DT students visited the British Museum to explore the intersection of history and design. They examined artifacts and gained inspiration for their own creative projects.

    Year 12 & 13 Sociology Trip

    This trip deepened the students’ understanding of social issues. They visited relevant locations, engaged in thought-provoking discussions, and broadened their sociological perspectives.

    Year 10 Maths Fest St Dominic’s

    Students in Year 10 attended a stimulating Maths Fest at St Dominic’s. The event exposed them to exciting mathematical challenges, encouraging them to think critically and creatively.

    Year 10 Physics Tournament

    Year 10 students participated in a Physics Tournament putting their scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test. They collaborated in teams and engaged in friendly competition, fostering a love for physics.

    Newsies Drama Theatre Trip

    Students immersed themselves in the world of theatre with a trip to see the captivating production of 'Newsies.' The show ignited their passion for drama and showcased the power of storytelling through performance.

    Year 12 Othello Cinema Trip

    Year 12 students embarked on a cinematic journey with a screening of the classic play 'Othello.' The trip provided a different perspective on the theatrical experience and allowed students to analyse the adaptation.

    Year 7 & 9 MEP Chinatown Trip

    Students explored the vibrant streets of Chinatown, immersing themselves in Chinese culture. They discovered the rich history, cuisine, and traditions of this iconic London neighbourhood.

    A-Level Physics in Action Trip

    This trip provided students with an immersive experience in the world of physics. They attended virtual lectures and demonstrations, expanding their understanding of this fascinating field.

    Year 12 Brands & Marketing Trip

    Students delved into the world of brands and marketing with a trip that exposed them to real world applications. They explored marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, and the role of branding in business.

    Year 7 Royal Albert Hall - Music & Science

    Year 7 students had the privilege of visiting the iconic Royal Albert Hall for an immersive Music and Science experience. They discovered the connections between music and scientific principles, broadening their understanding of both disciplines.

    SEN Trip London Transport Museum

    A trip to the London Transport Museum catered specifically to students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). They enjoyed interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and a sensory-friendly environment, creating a memorable experience.

    Year 9 & 10 Women in STEM Computing Trip

    Year 9 and 10 students embarked on a computing trip aimed at empowering women in STEM. They explored various computing concepts, met inspiring female professionals, and gained insights into future career possibilities.

    DoE Gold Award Practice

    Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award underwent a practice expedition to test their skills in navigation, resilience, and teamwork. The trip prepared them for the challenges that lie ahead in their Gold Award journey.

    Year 13 Geography Tutor2U Workshop

    The Year 13 Geography students participated in a Tutor2U Workshop that deepened their understanding of key geographical concepts. They engaged in interactive sessions, explored case studies, and honed their exam skills.

    Year 10 MEP Birmingham Trip

    Students embarked on an educational trip to Birmingham as part of the MEP (More Able & Talented Pupils) program. They engaged in workshops and activities that stimulated their intellectual curiosity and creativity.

    Inclusion Trip to Excel Exhibition Centre

    An inclusion trip to the Excel Exhibition Centre provided students with a diverse range of experiences and insights. They explored exhibitions, attended workshops, and celebrated diversity in a dynamic environment.

    USA Ski Trip

    Students ventured across the Atlantic for an unforgettable ski trip in the United States. They navigated the slopes, developed their skiing abilities, and embraced the cultural richness of an international adventure.

    DoE Silver Practice

    Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award underwent a practice expedition, testing their skills in navigation, resilience, and teamwork. The trip prepared them for the challenges they will encounter during their Silver Award journey.

    Year 9 STEM Trip to Brunel

    Students delved into the world of STEM with a visit to Brunel University. They engaged in interactive activities, explored cutting-edge technology, and gained insights into future STEM careers.

    DoE Silver Qualifying Expedition

    Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award embarked on a challenging qualifying expedition. They demonstrated their skills, resilience, and determination in an outdoor adventure, solidifying their progress in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program.

    HP Warner Bros Trip

    Design and Technology students enjoyed a thrilling trip to the HP Warner Bros Studio. They explored the world of special effects, prop design, and set construction, gaining inspiration for their own creative projects.

    Year 8 STEM Trip to Brunel

    Year 8 students immersed themselves in the world of STEM with a trip to Brunel University. They participated in engaging workshops, conducted experiments, and discovered the limitless possibilities of science and technology.

    Year 12 Tate Britain Trip

    Students visited Tate Britain, exploring the rich world of art and culture. They engaged with famous artworks, analysed artistic techniques, and gained inspiration for their own creative endeavours.

    DoE Bronze Training Walk 1

    Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award embarked on a training walk to develop their navigation and outdoor skills. This excursion prepared them for the challenges they would encounter during their Bronze Award journey.

    Year 8 HAP Trip Imperial War Museum

    Year 8 students delved into history and gained valuable insights into the impact of war with a visit to the Imperial War Museum. They explored exhibits, artefacts, and learned about historical events that shaped the world.

    Year 7 STEM Trip to Brunel

    Students embarked on an exciting STEM trip to Brunel University, where they engaged in hands-on activities and discovered the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    A Level Trip - Witness for the Prosecution

    A Level students enjoyed a thought-provoking theatre trip to see 'Witness for the Prosecution.' The gripping performance allowed them to analyse the play's themes, character development, and theatrical techniques.

    Years 8-10 Royal Albert Hall Trip

    Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 had the opportunity to attend a memorable after-school trip to the Royal Albert Hall. They experienced a captivating performance and discovered the power of live music in an iconic venue.

    Year 11 Royal Albert Hall Concert

    Students attended a breath taking concert at the Royal Albert Hall, immersing themselves in the enchanting world of music and experiencing the transformative power of live performances.

    Year 10 Geography Field Trip

    The Year 10 Geography field trip focused on rivers and their impact on the environment. Students examined river processes, erosion, and flooding, enhancing their understanding of physical geography.

    DoE Bronze Training Walk 2

    As part of their preparation for the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award, students undertook a second training walk, honing their navigation skills and building their endurance for the challenges ahead.

    Year 8 Wicked Musical Trip

    Students were treated to a magical theatre experience with a trip to see the enchanting musical 'Wicked.' They were captivated by the performances, the sets, and the uplifting story.

    Year 10 History Whitechapel Trip

    This trip enabled students to explore the historical context of the area. They examined key sites related to Jack the Ripper, deepening their understanding of this infamous chapter in history.

    Year 8 Science Museum

    Students immersed themselves in the wonders of science with a visit to the Science Museum. They engaged in interactive exhibits, discovered scientific breakthroughs, and fostered their curiosity about the world.

    DoE Bronze Camp

    Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award embarked on a camp, honing their camping and survival skills. They embraced the outdoor environment, built resilience, and deepened their connection with nature.

    Year 9 Horsenden Hill Activity Centre

    The Year 9 students enjoyed an action-packed day at Horsenden Hill Activity Centre. They participated in team-building activities, challenges, and outdoor adventures, fostering their leadership and collaboration skills.

    Year 8 PGL Trip

    Students embarked on an unforgettable adventure at PGL (Programme for Group Leaders). They engaged in thrilling outdoor activities, fostering teamwork, resilience, and personal growth.

    DoE Gold Qualifying Expedition

    Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award faced the ultimate challenge with a qualifying expedition. They showcased their advanced skills, resilience, and determination, solidifying their achievements in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program.

    Clink Prison Oxford Inspire

    A visit to the Clink Prison as part of the Oxford Inspire Program allowed students to explore the historical context of crime and punishment. They delved into the stories of the past, developing a deeper understanding of social history.

    Year 10 MEP University of Westminster

    Students expanded their horizons with a visit to the University of Westminster as part of the MEP (Mandarin Excellence Program). They engaged in workshops and activities that nurtured their intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills.

    Year 7 ZSL Trip

    Year 7 students enjoyed an exciting trip to the ZSL (Zoological Society of London). They explored the zoo, encountered a diverse range of animals, and deepened their understanding of conservation efforts.

    DoE Bronze Qualifying Expedition

    Students pursuing their Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award undertook a challenging qualifying expedition, demonstrating their skills and resilience in an outdoor adventure. This marked a significant milestone in their Duke of Edinburgh's Award journey.

    GCSE Year 10 Art Trip Tate Britain

    GCSE Art students visited Tate Britain, immersing themselves in a world of artistic inspiration. They explored famous artworks, analysed techniques, and gained insights into the creative process.

    Year 12 Geography Field Trip

    Geography students embarked on a field trip that deepened their understanding of key geographical concepts. They conducted fieldwork, collected data, and honed their geographical skills in a real-world context.

    Go Ape Battersea Year 9 Oxford Inspire

    Year 9 students experienced an exhilarating adventure at Go Ape Battersea as part of the Oxford Inspire program. They conquered thrilling treetop challenges, developing their confidence and resilience.

    Year 12 Politics Supreme Court

    Politics students visited the Supreme Court, gaining first-hand insight into the legal system. They observed court proceedings, analysed landmark cases, and deepened their understanding of the rule of law.

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the dedicated teachers and support staff who selflessly invested their valuable time and effort into nurturing the character and growth of our young people. By giving their time, energy, and expertise, these remarkable colleagues have played an instrumental role in shaping the lives of our students. They have gone above and beyond their responsibilities to inspire, guide, and instil important values, helping our young people develop into compassionate, resilient, and well-rounded individuals.  Have a lovely summer.

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  • TrailBlazers Graduate

    Published 26/05/23, by Raj Patel

    As the curtains closed on our Year 13 Sixth Formers, the Pinner High School Trailblazers reached a significant milestone in their lives - their graduation. This momentous occasion signified the culmination of years of hard work, growth and personal development. We celebrated the accomplishments and welcomed Mr Woolf back to be a part of the ceremonies.

    The graduation of our Trailblazers represented a transformative journey of personal and academic growth. These exceptional students had overcome challenges, embraced opportunities and acquired valuable skills that prepared them for the next chapter of their lives.  The graduation ceremony served as a platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Trailblazers. It was a time to acknowledge their outstanding academic accomplishments, leadership endeavours and contributions to the school community. The ceremony recognised not only their individual achievements but also the collective spirit and camaraderie that had shaped their Pinner High School experience.

    As they embark on new beginnings, these wonderful students carry with them the memories, friendships and experiences that shaped their high school journey. With boundless potential and a spirit of resilience, they are ready to leave their mark on the world, armed with the knowledge and skills gained during their time at our school.

    To all Year 11 and Year 13 students

    As you approach your final exams, we want to acknowledge your hard work and offer our best wishes. Your dedication, adaptability and perseverance has been remarkable. Remember that these exams are a culmination of your growth and resilience. Take care of yourselves and seek support from teachers and peers. Believe in your abilities and approach each exam with confidence. Your worth extends beyond these exams and your future is bright. Embrace the challenge and let your brilliance shine. Good luck!




    A group of our Politics students visited Haydon School to listen to Alastair Campbell talk about his new book. He was very interactive with his talk and many of our students were able to share their thoughts on politics and ask questions. He was very impressed with our pupils afterwards and shared his thoughts with LBC radio. 1.29 min -2.40 min.




    Author Manjeet Mann Inspires Students at Pinner High School

    On Wednesday May 10th, we had the privilege of hosting a remarkable guest speaker - Manjeet Mann, the esteemed author of the acclaimed novels Run Rebel and The Crossing. The event provided students with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of writing and gain invaluable insights from a successful author. 

    Manjeet engaged our eager audience with anecdotes from her own writing journey, captivating them with tales of her career as a writer. She shared her personal experiences triumphs, and challenges, enlightening students about the realities of pursuing a creative path. As she spoke, her passion for storytelling and the written word resonated throughout the room, inspiring the young minds in attendance.

    One of the key highlights of the talk was when she discussed the inspiration behind her most recent novels. She shared how her own life experiences, as well as the struggles and triumphs of those around her, served as a wellspring of ideas for her stories. By weaving in the narratives of marginalised individuals, Manjeet emphasised the importance of breaking glass ceilings and giving voice to the underprivileged. Her novels serve as a platform for these individuals to be seen and heard, a testament to the power of literature in fostering empathy and understanding.

    The event proved to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on our students. The visit served as a reminder that dreams are within reach and that their voices matter. It encouraged students to explore their creative passions fearlessly and to use their writing as a means to advocate for those less advantaged.


    Celebrating Victories and Triumphs in Sports 

    Year 9 and Year 10 football victories, Key Stage 4 Girls Harrow Borough Cup Champions, and Borough Athletics Qualifiers!

    Pinner High School has recently been buzzing with excitement as our talented students have achieved remarkable successes in various sports competitions. From football triumphs to outstanding performances in athletics, our students have showcased their skills, determination and team spirit. Let us dive into the highlights of these incredible accomplishments.

    Year 9 Football Harrow Borough Cup - Undefeated Champions! 

    In a stunning display of skill and resilience, our Year 9 football team emerged victorious in the Harrow Borough Cup, capping off an undefeated season. The final match against Park High was a thrilling encounter that ended with an impressive 8-2 victory for our team. This triumph was made even sweeter considering their loss to the same team by a narrow margin of 1-0 the previous year. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire Year 9 team for their exceptional performance and unwavering determination!

    Year 10 Football Harrow Borough Cup - Finalists in the Making!

    The Year 10 boys football team has also been making waves in the Harrow Borough Cup. With an impressive run in the competition they have secured their place in the final. Their remarkable skills, teamwork, and perseverance have brought them to this stage, and we eagerly await their upcoming match. Let's rally behind our Year 10 team and wish them the best of luck in the final!

    Key Stage 4 Girls Harrow Borough Cup - Back-to-Back Champions!

    The girls once again triumphed in the Harrow Borough Cup, clinching the title for the second consecutive year. Their final match against Park High was a true display of talent and determination, resulting in a resounding 7-3 victory. The girls have shown remarkable commitment and skill throughout the competition, and their back-to-back championships are a testament to their hard work and dedication. We commend the whole team for their exceptional achievements and commendable sportsmanship!

    Borough Athletics Qualifiers - Pinner High School Shines!

    Pinner High School's athletics team has reason to celebrate as nine talented students have qualified for the borough athletics team. These athletes have demonstrated exceptional abilities in their respective events, earning them well-deserved recognition. We proudly acknowledge their achievements:


    Horacio                 Qualified for the 200m event

    Ellias                      Qualified for the 300m event

    Bevan                   Qualified for the 800m event (an impressive feat for a Year 8 student!)

    Sam                       Qualified for the 1500m event

    Ishaanth              Qualified for the 300m event in Year 10

    Caspian                Qualified for the Shot event in Year 10

    Caitlin                    Qualified for the Shot event

    Oliva                      Qualified for the High Jump event

    Alana                     Qualified for the Discus event

    These students have displayed incredible talent, dedication, and determination in their respective disciplines. We applaud their achievements and wish them the best of luck as they represent Pinner High School in the upcoming borough athletics events.


    Inspiring Art Exploration at Tate Britain: Year 12 A-Level

    On Wednesday May 19th, Year 12 A-Level Art students embarked on an exhilarating artistic journey at Tate Britain. The purpose of the visit was to conduct research for their fine art personal investigations, immersing themselves in the rich and diverse world of art.  Students eagerly embraced the opportunity to engage with renowned artworks, seeking inspiration to fuel their own creative endeavours.


    Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP)

    Our students joined with schools across the country at the Year 10 MEP National Conference. The event, Journey to the East: a Voyage of Discovery, featured fascinating talks about China’s history, politics, and cultural heritage, including brilliant sessions about Chinese animation, internet fiction, and music. Speakers from Cambridge University, King’s College London, Universities of London, and Oxford University led sessions on further Chinese study at university and using Chinese in the workplace.

    Students were addressed by Nick Gibb, Rt. Hon. Minister of State for Schools, who encouraged the MEP cohort in their studies, and praised their hard work. The conference ended with a live performance from the Mandarin-speaking band Transition. The main event was held at the sleek National Convention Centre in Birmingham but students also had the chance to explore Birmingham's Chinatown and enjoy a Chinese meal together. 

    Science Update: Pinner High School Celebrates Three Medicine Offers!

    We are proud to announce that three exceptional students, Julia, Nathan and Nabil, have received offers to study medicine. Their outstanding achievements and dedication to the field of science have earned them this well-deserved recognition. We congratulate them on this significant milestone and celebrate their journey toward becoming future medical professionals.  All three students have demonstrated exceptional aptitude and passion for the sciences throughout their time at PHS. Their commitment to academic excellence, coupled with their genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others, has paved the way for these remarkable offers.

    Veer, one of our Sixth Formers, has successfully completed phase one of STEM SMART with Cambridge University.  Each week Veer was set work that complemented his studies at school.  Students were also assigned a Cambridge student as a mentor, meeting fortnightly online to discuss a number of themes concerning studying at university, for example; university life, choosing courses and applying to university. Two live subject-focussed talks will also be given by researchers from the university about their cutting-edge work.

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  • March - Aiming For Gold

    Published 30/03/23, by Raj Patel

    Duke of Edinburgh Gold

    Seven Sixth Form students successfully completed their Practice Expedition - this involved four days of hiking and three nights of wild camping in the Brecon Beacons of Wales.  All students showed excellent team work, adapting to varied weather and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the expedition. The photo above shows them around the cairn - their final summit on top of Sugarloaf Mountain on Day 4.  Students will be completing their Qualifying Expedition in June. 

    Year 13 University Cooking Preparation

    Sixth Form students participated in a 4 week cooking class, involving how to budget with simple ingredients whilst creating bulk meals.  During Masterchef week the students were given a budget of £5 to serve 4 and make a creative fit for a student meal.  Well done to the winner A Parmar!Huge thanks to Miss Moore for giving up her time to teach them safety rules. 



    Success Stories

    Congratulations to Year 12 student C Oppong-Boaheng who has been offered a place on the St John’s Inspire Programme.  A huge field of entrants led to a competitive selection process and being offered a much coveted place.

    Congratulations to year 12 student J Cruz on being accepted on to an extremely competitive Target Oxbridge Programme.

    Congratulations to Year 11 student T Tam who has been awarded a music scholarship for Year 12.

    Congratulations to a Year 9 student who has been accepted to Brit School! 





    Congratulations to Year 10 student R Kullar!  He has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for the qualifying round from UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge.

    Year 10 Maths Feast Competition 2023

    On Friday 24th February we took 8 Year 10 students to St Dominics for the Year 10 Advanced Mathematics Support Programme Maths Feast. This was competing in teams of 4 against other schools in London and the South-East of England. The students showed such amazing teamwork, even congratulating each other ‘well done’ when a participant of the team achieved the correct answer.

    The team of Aarugen Mathivathanan, Drish Pillai, Marbi Hasula, and Pritam Kalsi came 6th, and Ilayda Brown, Seerat Gandhok, Anya Topan and Delani Sathiyabalan came 8th.

    An asset to the Pinner High School Maths Department.




    Girls Physics Tournament

    Some of our top Year 10 female Physics students competed in an all Girls Physics Tournament held at St Helen's School.  Students: H Nandha / D Sathiyabalan / Z Swiatek and L Aqbarawi showed incredible resilience, teamwork and critical thinking skills to solve challenging physics problems and perform practical investigations. The Physics themed escape room was a particular highlight.  Performing exceptionally well, the girls came fourth overall, being ranked the top state school.

    The Science department hosted 120 students from Cannon Lane Primary School, introducing them to our Science labs. GCSE chemistry experiments took place, as well as a Harry Potter-themed flame test challenge and testing for hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide. 





    Celebrating International Womens day

    Young Women in STEM and Cyber

    Some of our female Computer Science students in Year 9 and Year 10 attended the Young Women in STEM and Cyber event at the National Museum of Computing.  An excellent day was had by all, exploring the exciting world of STEM and Cyber.  Students were able to get hands-on with facial recognition software, crack encrypted messages, code secret messages in jewellery, discuss ethical hacking and delve into the history of encryption.  They also used their data analysis skills to explore the statistics of women working in STEM subjects over the last 50 years.  All students were exceptionally well-behaved throughout the day, demonstrating the Pinner High Values of respect, responsibility and resilience.  They all embraced the challenges of the day!

    Some Year 7 students visited The Royal Albert Hall for a ‘behind the scenes’ tour and to watch a rehearsal performance of a band (who were performing later that night).  A Music and Science workshop followed and an excellent day was had by all. 









    Our Year 12 Business students visited the Museum of Brands to learn about branding and packaging. They explored 200 years of consumer culture and studied the time tunnel to see how products and consumer tastes have evolved.  It was fantastic to see the students applying what they have learned in lessons on branding and marketing to the real world.



    The Inclusion Department were excited to welcome Chris Painter in to complete workshops with some of our students in Years 7-12. Chris Painter is our Autism Focus guest speaker who also has a diagnosis of autism himself. Chris is a role model for our neurodiverse students and parents and talks about his challenges while in the school system and how he has overcome many barriers to become a successful film and TV stuntman as an adult. 


    Sports - Update

    Year 10 boys football team have progressed to the Harrow Borough semi final for the 2nd year running following a resounding 4-1 thrashing of Nower Hill in the quarter finals.  

    Year 9 boys football storm into the finals beating Hatch end 8-3, with the final matches held after the Easter break.

    Year 8 vs Year 9 inter house squad netball match - Year 8's fought incredibly hard and after the first half were only down by 1 goal but Year 9's dug deep and demonstrated their breadth in knowledge and skills to take the win 14-7.  Well done to all! 


    Charity News

    Hillingdon Food Bank is a charity organisation in the London Borough of Hillingdon. The food bank relies on donations from the community to provide emergency food supplies to those in crisis and unable to afford food. One of the recent donations to the food bank was from Pinner High School, which donated 64kg of food. 

    The contribution made by Pinner High School to the Hillingdon Food Bank is an excellent example of how individuals and organisations can make a difference in their community by supporting a food bank. The food donated by the school will go a long way in providing meals to individuals and families in need.

    A bake sale organised by Year 12 students, led by J Dualeh, raised £248 for the earthquake disasters in Turkey & Syria.





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  • Jan/Feb Update

    Published 02/02/23, by Raj Patel

    International Trips Resume

    On 20 January the very first group of Year 13 A Level Science students known as the trailblazers had the opportunity to fly to Geneva, Switzerland to visit some famous scientific institutions and landmarks.  On the first day we made our way to the United Nations. The experience was phenomenal, from taking in the beauty of various rooms to learning about the 12 sustainable development goals - it was truly an awesome experience. 

    Day 2 we made our way to CERN for a guided tour where we learned about the Synchro-Cyclotron built in 1957, it was CERN’s first particle accelerator.  It provided beams for CERN's first experiments in particle and nuclear physics. We were taught by a Physics expert about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which is the world's largest and highest energy particle collider.

    In the afternoon we visited the Red Cross Museum. We were introduced to the history of the Red Cross and learnt how the organisation has greatly helped millions of people around the world. The museum had lots of cool exhibits, art work and videos which really brought the experiences to life.

    During our stay at the hotel we had a great time in the evenings as we could all play together in the games lounge. It had a pool table, table football and a ping pong table. This gave us a lot of time to socialise, bond with one another and create lovely memories. It was a chance for us to enjoy our time with each other and made the trip really special, as this is our last year of secondary school.

    On the final day, we travelled a little outside the centre of Geneva and viewed the beautiful scenery of the lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains.  After taking a lot of photos. and videos we made our way to the airport where we were greeted with a vast variety of Swiss shops and restaurants.

    Josh K (A Level scientist)


    Chemistry at Oxford University

    On 2 February some of our Year 10 Chemistry students travelled to the University of Oxford.  The day included listening to a presentation introducing Oxford, the collegiate system, its courses and opportunities and toured St. John’s College.  A Q&A with a current Oxford University student followed, as well as participation in a GCSE Chemistry challenge run by the Chemistry department. The students met a mixture of undergraduate students and students completing their post doc.  The trip was a huge success and left our students excited about what university life is like.






    Sixth Form Updates:

    We are celebrating a number of university offers our Year 13 students have received. These include;

    • University of Cambridge to study Mathematics
    • University of Warwick to study Computer Science
    • Imperial University to study Chemical Engineering
    • Loughborough University to read History
    • Lancaster University to read Law
    • University of Nottingham to study Pharmacy

    Sixth Form Supreme Court Trip

    Whilst studying the Sociology unit of 'Crime and Deviance' the Year 13 Sociology students attended a workshop, exhibition and tour of the Supreme Court. The students debated a discrimination case that was put forward in relation to a bakery refusing to make a LGBT+ positive cake which went against the owner’s Christian values.  Students explored the history of the Supreme Court and the current judges amending legislation. We visited three courtrooms whilst exploring the unique architecture and displays encouraging women to pursue higher roles in the British criminal justice system.

    British Mathematical Olympia

    Year 13 students Vlad and Saad achieved a Certificate of Merit in British Mathematical Olympiad 1. Only high scorers from the Senior Maths Challenge would participate in this gruelling 3.5 hour paper. They have worked very hard to get a certification and this is extremely difficult to achieve. They deserve all the credit for their hard work

    English GCSE Revision Supported by Sixth Form Students

    30 Year 11 students attended a voluntary English GCSE revision session led by our Sixth Form students. They covered set texts relating to the GCSE Literature course and tutoring on how to structure responses.

    Also Year 12 students, Shanaya V & Sapina B organised a team to run drop in sessions and made Form visits to answer option questions from Year 8 students. Very kind indeed.






    Indoor Athletics at Whitefriars (still awaiting full results) but many Year 7's beat personal bests and came in medal places. Amazing turn out at trials and the event from the Year 7's. 

    Great results from the Cross Country Team at the Harrow Borough Championship held at Harrow on School on in January.  The standout performance came from Leo W in Year 7 who came first in the Minor Boys category.  This is an amazing achievement and is our first victory in this race after 5 years of trying.  Kieran B in Year 9 ran a close second in the Junior Boys category, a great achievement in itself.  Overall, from a total of 24 runners from Years 7-11, 8 qualified to represent Harrow at the Middlesex Championships next week. This is a fantastic achievement and something we should all be proud of. 

    28 pupils from all year groups were chosen to represent PHS in the Harrow Borough Cross Country Championship in January at Harrow School.  The team were expected to build on the successes of last year/


    Harrow Borough Championships

    More runners entered than any other school in the borough

    Year 7  (Minor Boys category) - Leo W 1st place, Ethan D 4th place

    Year 8 - (Junior Boys category) Alex P 1st place from Year 8

    Year 9 - (Junior Boys category - Kieran B 2nd place overall

    Year 11 - (Intermediate Boys category) - Joseph T 5th place overall

    8 runners came in the top ten of their respective races, as a result of this they were all selected to represent Harrow Borough in the Middlesex County Championships.  The name of these are:  Leo W, Ethan D, Alex P, Kieran B, Bevan R, Ilayda B, Mouaaz S, Joseph T

    Middlesex County Championships 

    8 runners were selected for this event, this is an improvement on last year when 3 pupils were selected, this is an excellent achievement in itself.

    All runners competed well.  In a weird coincidence, 3 pupils were placed 17th in their respective races.  This is an excellent achievement considering the races had up to 90 runners in, all of whom were the best in their boroughs.

    Highest placed pupils were:  Leo W, Bevan R, Joseph T

    8 pupils made the Harrow X-country squad for the county race. We won the boys minor race, had the best year 8 boy, 2nd in the boys junior race.

    KS4 won the borough badminton plate competition

    The Year 7 netball team have won all 3 of their games since their league started in January. 

    The Pinner Press

    The English department launched a Newspaper Club for the Heads Challenge.  We have now published the 3rd edition of The Pinner Press!

    Year 8 – Be Kind Ambassador School

    As part of being a Be Kind Ambassador School we have been nominated for a Be Kind Star School award. We have submitted feedback on how our school promotes kindness and the impact this has had on the school, the community and its pupils.  Year 8 students were asked to submit their responses – here are some that have been received;

    How our school promotes kindness: 

    • When ordering lunch, we show kindness to the lunch ladies
    • Teachers are nice in the hallway and every day they say good morning
    • In assembly teachers demonstrate how to be kind to each other
    • We promote kindness by engaging students to join different groups, eg, PE, homework and LGBTQ+
    • We have many assemblies and form lessons about showing acts of kindness and friendship
    • PHS has promoted kindness by ensuring that bad situations are handled effectively and with a positive outcome
    • We show equality in lessons and don’t let anyone feel left out
    • Our school has promoted kindness by giving certificates and awards weekly to those who show kindness and respect
    • We have a Kindness Award so when students are really kind throughout the week they are awarded one.  This makes people become more dedicated to being kind
    • Teachers always help with homework
    • By having assemblies on the topic and giving awards and recognition for people who show these values
    • Teachers help in all activities by being supportive and kind. They include everyone as well as people with learning difficulties to make them feel included

     The impact this has had on the school, the community and its pupils:

    • All staff are happy
    • Students do not have a reason to be rude
    • It has reduced bad behaviour towards others
    • It has given students the chance to come out of their comfort zone, thus creating a confidence boost which is a key skill for the future, eg, for job interviews
    • My school environment feels a safe and secure place
    • People are more aware of their actions and show a better attitude towards one another.
      Everyone feels like they are treated the same way and know that who they are won’t affect how they are treated. In a better or worse way.

    Inclusion Department Update

    It has been a busy two terms in the Inclusion department where we have enjoyed welcoming new Year 7 students and welcoming back students in Year 8 -13!

    September saw the Inclusion department working closely with teachers and parents to help students with additional needs settle back into school and new classes. We have also had a heavy focus on collaboration and communication with students, parents, staff and external agencies this term. Part of this involved organising and hosting several Coffee Morning events to support parents of students with additional needs to share experiences and support. Additionally, our ARMS Provision Manager and SENDCo paid a visit to Bushey Meads School, where they were able to take part in a tour and begin networking with colleagues at the school to share best practice. We are looking forward to welcoming staff from Bushey Meads to visit Pinner High School in January!

    October and November saw us celebrating ADHD Awareness and Disability History Month, with assemblies and form time activities to share information and celebrate the differences and neurodiversity in our school community.

    Want to know more? Here are some helpful places to start:


    We have also been lucky to have the Centre for ADHD and Autism visit the school to give an assembly to Year 7. The assembly focused on what Autism is, what strengths and challenges come with an Autism diagnosis, and how the Year 7 students can work together to support peers with Autism. To build on the awareness being raised by these activities, the Inclusion department have been working closely with a guest speaker who has an Autism diagnosis. Chris Painter has delivered sessions to parents throughout the Autumn Term, and we are really excited for him to soon be conducting workshops with students from all Year groups with an Autism diagnosis.


    Disability History Month has been organised by Miss Howell and the Sixth Form Student Leadership team.

    ADHD awareness assemblies were delivered by Miss Walls to all Year groups to celebrate our differences.



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  • Highlights Nov/Dec

    Published 08/12/22, by Raj Patel

    Dear Readers
    As the term ends we are delighted to share some more successes and events with you all. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


    Trip to the Houses of Parliament

    Our Year 12 & 13 Politics students recently had the opportunity to have a tour of the Houses of Parliament on.  They saw the House of Commons in action debating the current workforce crisis in the NHS, and how pharmacists might be deployed in working in the community through diabetes and hypertension clinics.  Following this, a tour of the House of Lords to listen to a lively debate on Carbon Emissions with an emergency tabled issue on Prison Populations. It was great to see Parliament in action. 

    Students were joined by our local MP, David Simmonds, to follow-up questions about how different these two houses were on the day.  Students participated in a workshop looking at how Think Tanks and Pressure Groups work within our democracy to lever influence and generate change.

    All students were a credit to the Pinner High School community and demonstrated the excellent value of responsibility as future voters. 

    Additionally, we received a wonderful email from a member of the public:

    " I would like to congratulate you on the lovely pupils my sister and I met on the Metropolitan Line on Tuesday evening about 8pm. They were on their way back from the House of Commons.I am sorry that I do not have any of their names. A couple of them gave up their seats for us, and we had a great chat with five or six of them. They are a credit to your school and their parents. They will know who they are! "

    Computer Science

    All Year 7 and 8 students and those studying Computer Science in Years 9, 10 and Sixth Form participated in the Bebras Computing Challenge 2022 in November.  Bebras is a challenge which introduces Computational Thinking to students and gets them excited about the world of Computer Science.  Out of the 470 students entered, 29 PHS students were awarded the Gold Award – this is awarded to the top 10% of students nationally!  Outstanding!

    Congratulations to:

    Year 7

    Stefan L

    Mya G

    Thea L

    Aran S

    Isla P

    Kiyan M

    Rylan D

    Emily E

    Year 8

    Woody M-P

    Luqman S

    Ariane VdM

    Keeya P

    Brian N

    Milli M

    Mia D

    Kaylen K

    Faye E




    Year 9

    Ben B


    Jessica S

    Kayden Y

    Sami A

    Roma L

    Atiyah R

    Hari I

    Shriya C

    Gia P

    Mikey S

    Mikael A





    These students have been invited to the Oxford University Computing Challenge which will take place in January 2023!

    Remembrance Sunday poetry competition.

    Our students entered the Mayor of Harrow, Remembrance Sunday poetry competition.

    The below pupils from our school had their poems selected as winners by the panel:

    1. Sofia Amin – Winner KS3
    2. Ilayda Brown – Winner KS4
    3. Aaurgen Mathivathanan – Highly commended KS4
    4. Benjamin Patel - Highly commended KS4

    Sports Round up

    30 students across Years 7-13 will be competing in the Harrow Borough Cross Country Race after Christmas, held at Harrow School.  We expect some excellent results!

    Basketball results this term

    Year 10 24 vs 4 John Lyon 

    Year 11 40 vs 19 John Lyon

    Both teams on 1/4 finals


    Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 boys all through to 1/4  finals

    KS4 girls are in the final

    KS3 girls start in February

    Year 7 won 2 football tournaments

    The sixth form drew twice to Whitmore and Avanti


    KS3 badminton won the borough plate competition 


    Our Choir and mini band recently attended a Christmas service at St Albans Church.  A great performance from our students as part of the Cluster Carol Concert.  Thank you to everyone who participated and attended our Music and Drama Winter Soirée. We had a full house even on a cold winter’s evening. The student performances were magnificent.

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  • October Fest

    Published 28/10/22, by Raj Patel

    Dear Readers

    During the month of October, our students continue to widen their experiences and knowledge with a range of activities that inspire learning. Our Year 12 and 13 students took part in the UKMT senior maths challenge.  Below are the results, again scoring above the national average. Two golds onto the next challenge! 

    Oliver Bronze

    Arjun Silver

    Justin Silver

    Arjun Bronze

    Vlad Gold

    Tanmay Silver

    Aaliya Bronze

    Lara Bronze

    Aakriti Silver

    Sameen Participation

    Saad Silver

    Manojen Silver

    Kavin Silver

    Alex Gold

    Vlad and Alex have also qualified for the next round which takes place on 16/11.


    National Poetry Day

    In celebration of National Poetry Day, our Year 9 students attended The Power of Poetry live workshop with Mark Grist, an internationally acclaimed poet, storyteller and rapper based in the UK.  During the session, students brainstormed and shared ideas they felt most passionate about before exploring poetic language and writing their own poems. 

    The English department and Learning Resource Centre hosted a poetry slam at lunchtime where students had the opportunity to share their work and answer questions about their creative process and inspiration. We had over 50 students attend and poets from Years 7-12 sharing their thoughts on growing up, identity, climate change and war. We are so proud of the talent showcased today and we wish our students entering the Young Writer's Poetry Competition the best of luck.











    Young inventor! 

    YR10 student Robert Witowski has begun to make his own gadgets and gizmos.  Last week, Robert created a laser range finder and it has been tested!  It is in its primacy in terms of development, but what an impressive start!  Amazing work!



















    FORMA Art Education Fair

    Our Year12 Art and 3D students visit to the FORMA Art Education Fair, followed by a trip to Regents Park to look at the Frieze Art Sculpture display. The exhibition is open till November 13th.   

    Chemistry Workshop


    Our Year 12 chemists attended a virtual workshop run by the Chemistry department at the University of Oxford.  The session focused on 3D shapes, chirality, the role of chirality in biological systems, and the protein SARS-CoV-2.  Upper-year students presented information on their current research projects and the applications of chemistry.  Students increased their knowledge about the different applications of chemistry, were introduced to chemistry research at the university level, and reflected on new topics to study independently in chemistry.

    World Mental Health Day

    This month we celebrated World Mental Health Day (October 10) and the Self Esteem Team will be visiting shortly to deliver a session to our Year 8 students on developing self-esteem.  For most people, confidence peaks and troughs throughout life but developing an understanding of where self-esteem comes from at a young age can really help to keep a person in the driver's seat.  During the Year 8 session, students will learn to challenge the labels we place on people and discover ways to create a positive feedback loop for themselves and interacting with others. These strategies are recommended for transitional periods, meeting new people, and forming a strong foundation for stepping outside a comfort zone which makes this class particularly useful at the start of the school year, or to set students up for new environments.


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  • September Success

    Published 30/09/22, by Raj Patel

    Dear Readers

    A new academic year brings new opportunities for students to shine and demonstrate their talents. “Inspiring Learning” has been encapsulated with our drive to instil reading for pleasure across all parts of the school. Display boards can capture attention but our “ Today A Reader – Tomorrow Leader" showpiece has made students stop, read and critically debate extracts with their passionate voices.

    One of our Year 13 Physics students won a national competition from the Institute of Physics called the 'quantum on the clock' competition.  He had to put together a video explaining an aspect of Quantum Physics in under 3mins.  He won a cash prize and attended an event at Nottingham Uni. Another one of our Physics students secured an amazing work experience with Formula 1 over the summer, gaining real insight into the industry. He persevered until he secured his dream place to work. A testament to the characters of our Trailblazers!

    On Wednesday our Years 9 and 10 students interested in journalism and social activism had the exciting opportunity of meeting Phil Lawder, a published novelist and editor of The Villager magazine. These students have been invited to contribute to the March edition of the magazine, exploring the theme of community in Pinner. In this session, the students brainstormed in small groups and pitched their ideas to Phil.  We look forward to seeing their work published early next year.

    One of our super bright Year 7 students submitted a piece of work into the Young Writers 1000 challenge. Isobel Rich’s story ‘Emma’s Flame’ has been selected to be included in their annual showcase. There will also be a copy of the book being kept in the British Library. 

    Our sports teams are going from strength to strength: Year 10 football team won their first game of the season 10-2 v Rooks Heath.  Goals scored by LS (4), DS (2), ST (2) HA-S(2).

    The above are some success stories this month to share. We know there are many more wonderful achievements to celebrate, and we will continue to acknowledge these during the year. Look out for our first student led newspaper… coming soon.


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