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Mr Woolf's Blog

Here is a round up of our blog posts, keeping you informed about the life and times of Pinner High School.


September 2019

  • Deep Learning

    Published 27/09/19, by Chris Woolf

    Our first Deep Learning Day of the year took place this week. Year 7 spent the day at HOAC, where they had a brilliant time climbing, rafting and other team building activities. It is the fourth year in a row we have run this trip, and this one lived up to the high bar that has been set. The rest of the school had a range of activities around current issues; fake news and other personal, social, cultural and health education topics. It is days like these that led Ofsted to conclude: " ...tolerance, respect and democracy, is a integral and powerful force underpinning the culture and daily life of the school. As a result, the development of pupils' spiritual, moral and cultural skills is outstanding." My thanks to the guest speakers who visited us, and the members of staff who planned the day so carefully.

    We have been busy filming the third version of our school film, coming to our school Youtube channel very soon. I have enjoyed spending the day guiding our cameraman around the school. It means I have seen bread being baked, mobile phone holders constructed, clay being sculptured, the deconstruction of a CPU, diffusion, some fine footwork in the sportshall; and all that before lunch today!

    Next week is our open day, with presentations on Thursday 3rd October at 10am, 4.00, 5.30 and 7pm. We anticipate a busy evening, so please do use public transport if at all possible.

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  • Interstellar

    Published 20/09/19, by Chris Woolf

    Congratulations to the 19 members of Year 10 who are now fully trained Student Wellbeing Ambassadors. They came to school for a series of workshops on the last day of their holiday, which speaks volumes for their commitment to the programme and the school. Sessions included role playing different scenarios that they may be faced with, and how to listen, provide support, and guide the person talking to them to their next steps. The trainer from the Teach Well Alliance was effusive in his praise for the students as role models for younger students.

    Today the whole of Year 10 are working with My Bnk, looking at aspects of personal finance. Students looked at personal budgeting and the practical application of their mathematical skills. My thanks to the Maths team for running the day, and to My Bnk for coming to see us again.

    The Year 7 welcome event was well attended on Tuesday, thanks to all those who were able to attend. The presentation is on the News and Events tab of the website, alongside details of the Mandarin Excellence Programme: The Year 8 and 9 event is on Tuesday, starting at 6pm, finishing at 7pm.

    Sports fixtures this week were extremely successful, the Year 10 boys footballers winning 10-0 against Nower Hill, and the Year 10 girls netball team defeating Whitmore 18-8. A brilliant start to the year!

    And finally, brilliance on a different level, as Pinner High School has an opportunity to name an exoplanet and it's host star. It is currently named WASP-13 and WASP-13a. Students can give their suggestions to Dr. Munir. Entries need to be made before October 11th. For more information on the planets and rules see,

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  • Welcome back!

    Published 13/09/19, by Chris Woolf

    The first week back at school has been a full and exciting one. Students have quickly got back in the swing of our high expectations. Everyone took part in our first House Event of the Year, the Tug of War. Honours were shared between Malala, Ali and Bannister Houses across the year groups, getting the House Competition off to a great start.

    Students also chose their Head's Challenge activities this week, from a list that is getting longer and longer. This year it includes 34 choices for Key Stage 3 and 38 for Key Stage 4. Golf makes a popular return, and for the first time we have Irish Dancing, Hypnotic Drawing, Young Engineers and Public Speaking. An exciting list from which to choose.

    The students from our trip to Costa Rica have come back with amazing stories of crocodiles, turtles and rainforests. I look forward to their assembly, and their ideas for our next World Challenge adventure.

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