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Mr Woolf's Blog

Here is a round up of our blog posts, keeping you informed about the life and times of Pinner High School.


October 2018

  • Governors Guest blog

    Published 19/10/18, by Chris Woolf

    I am delighted that our Chair of Governors, Dr. Ahmed, is the guest writer of the blog this week. News of our recent sporting success will have to wait until after half term!


    "I am delighted to share with you what the Governing Body have been doing so far this year. I am excited to have the privilege of being elected as chair for another year and Nav Kullar as my deputy.


    The Governing Body is responsible for the strategic direction of the school, and for providing challenge to Mr. Woolf and his senior team. The Governors have been involved with the school since before it opened, and we have added parents and staff to our number over the last two years. This year we have evolved a new committee structure to ensure our support and challenge for the school is even more effective. We have an Achievement and Standards committee and a Finance and Risk Committee, alongside the Full Governing Body. Mr. Woolf and his team provide us with detailed reports on all aspects of school life, and we cross reference these with the numerous inspection reports we receive, as well as our own findings. Scrutiny of these reports take time, but we have a skilled team of Governors who have a range of skills that ensure we can interpret them accurately. We also visit the school to meet with our school links, observe learning walks, sit on interview panels, review data and policies, take part in internal and external inspections and I run student voice. This enables me to hear directly from the students. I feel we have an excellent working relationship with the school and at the foundation of all we do is: how does what we do impact student outcomes. Our Governors reflect the culture, vision and ethos of the school and we are always looking for ways to improve. We have been accepted onto the Department of Education ‘Governor Space’ programme to enhance our own training and evaluation to ensure we can keep the school at the ‘leading edge’, as our inspection report says.


    I am sure you will agree that the school is in excellent health. We are delighted to have reached almost 500 students and we know the school is becoming a destination of choice for teachers. Our recent Open Evening was a great success!


    Whilst we are delighted with all of this, and the most recent report from the Department for Education, there is no sense of complacency in the Governing Body about the task ahead. Our opening years have certainly lived up to all we had hoped, but our Trailblazing students are now embarking on their GCSEs, our £4.2 million final phase of refurbishment will begin in the spring, and we continue to grow in size every year. We are excited about the challenges this brings, and the future of Pinner High School. I’d like to thank the dedicated staff of the school for all they do to provide opportunities for the students, and the students themselves for bringing life to the Pinner High School Values. Your support for this is crucial too. Governors’ initial vision for an ‘inclusive school for the whole community’ is one we keep central through the exciting phases of our development."


    Dr. Ahmed, Chair of Governors


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  • Round up

    Published 12/10/18, by Chris Woolf

    Students returned this week from the Battlefields of the First World War, taking part in the national commemoration of the centenary of the end of hostilities. Pinner High Students were selected to lay a wreath at Tyne Cot cemetery, the largest cemetery for Commonwealth forces in the world. Students represented the school with an impressive range of the Pinner High School Values, and I am grateful to them for doing so well. They will be speaking about their experiences to the rest of the students over the coming weeks.


    The House Event this week was a challenge of a different nature to the design and sports competitions of our first month of term. This time it was an origami competition, inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. With marks for accurate folding and imaginative design, it was a hotly contested challenge. Year 9 Maths lessons this week had a similar theme, looking at the Maths of lift and flight in the design of aircraft wings; paper airplane flights in the hall were especially successful.


    I have had large numbers of families keen to tour the school, following the success of our open evening last week. It is lovely to have so much interest in the school, and so many families leaving such positive feedback. Given our surging student numbers, applications have just closed for an additional Assistant Headteacher. I received 40 excellent applications for this role, which is an extraordinarily large number given the recruitment issues many schools are experiencing. Although reading each application is a lengthy process, it is a great problem to have!


    Half term finishes on Thursday 18th October, as next Friday is an INSET day and school is closed to students. Thank you for all your support over the first half term of our third year.

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  • Open House

    Published 05/10/18, by Chris Woolf

    A brilliant evening at Pinner High last night, as 1,500 people attended our open evening. It is fabulous to have such interest in the school, and hear such positive feedback about the students and staff. Visitors heard about our inclusive ethos, academic challenge, sporting success and performance opportunity, as well as having the chance to try out new languages and new subjects. Mandarin is always a favourite, and with large numbers choosing it for GCSE it is likely to remain so. Science was particularly busy last night, and we enjoyed showing off our well-equipped laboratories, and our specialist teachers in each of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


    House Events are always mentioned by students amongst their highlights and this week by contrast to the sports events of last week, it was an art competition. These are always harder to judge, but with our GCSE art students at the National Portrait Gallery today, we are certainly nurturing their talents in this area.


    This weekend 2 students and 1 teacher are taking part in the national commemoration of the centenary of the end of the First World War with their visit to the battlefields of Belgium. They will return and share their experiences with the school community- stay tuned.


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