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Hosting Avanti House

The secondary-age part of Avanti House School will be hosted on the Pinner High site while its permanent building on the Whitchurch playing fields is constructed. In 2015/16, Avanti House had approximately 500-550 students in Years 7 to 10. In 2016/17, Avanti House has approximately 650 students in Years 7 to 11 (so including their first GCSE cohort). In 2017/18, Avanti House will have approximately 750 students, including their first sixth formers. In 2017/18 a temporary block of additional classrooms for Avanti House is proposed, to be situated on the carpark at the rear of the school, previously used for Heathfield Sports Club. This application was approved in December 2016. Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2017, to be ready for September 2017.

When both Pinner High and Avanti House are on the Pinner High School site, each school will have its own dedicated area with general classrooms, ICT, and science provision. The two schools will then share the specialist spaces such as the sports hall and Design and Technology spaces to maximise use of resources.

There are significant benefits to Pinner High of this arrangement:

  • Potential for shared enrichment activities – both of these address points that prospective parents raised at the November 2014 meeting;
  • Sharing of the costs of running the site and buildings, which would otherwise be a significant burden on Pinner High (since it would only have 180 students in a building capable of accommodating nearly six times that many).